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New Kitty Family

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Hi There,

My husband, child and I "adopted" a cat approx. 3 yrs ago in front of our apt. building (it was about 30 degrees out that night) and we did not want anything to happen to her. We found out approx. 3 wks later that she was pregnant. We have had several litters since b/t her and her daughters. (We are currently negotiating with our vet to offer us a "group rate" for neutering our 8 mailes) One of the cats had a litter about 6 months ago. Last night we took one of the kittens to the vet because she looks like she is about 1 month old and very petite. Our vet ran some tests, including checking her for feline leukemia, and told us that our kitten is very healthy. Our vet further told us that he had been taught in vet school about dwarfism in felines, although he had never seen any cases, until last night.

I would like to know if anyone can tell me where I can get more information regarding feline dwarfism. I have checked out information regarding the munchin cats and that is not our kitten. Our kitten is normally proportionate, except for the fact that she is small. She weighs 2 lbs. 1 oz. and looks like she is 1 month old instead of 6 months old.

Thanking everyone in advance for any help you can give my family and I in this matter. We are trying to get as much info as we can so that we can take care of our "little" darling.

P.S. To: Louse76: When you get the million dollars together, we sure could use it. I saw what you wrote in the Feline Genetics Forum.

and P.S. To: a_loveless_gen: My husband said the same thing --- if all our cats would stay the size of a kitten we could keep them all. I told him to be careful what he wished for, because now we have a kitten who will never grow up!!

Once again, thanks to all.

Cereal's Mom
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I Cereal's mom! Welcome to the cat site. I love Cereal's name
Is Cereal gonna get spayed soon? Bless you for rescuing her from the cold
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hi and welcome aboard to you and your family.

And thanks for taking her in to your home.

Question though: Are you also going to get the female's altered as well as the males?
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Hi and welcome to Cereals mum

So pleased she found you
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Hi, and welcome! We would love to see pics of your tiny girl. That would be so cool to have a little one like that.
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Welcome to the site! Perhaps you could look into low cost spay/neuter programs. Having just one cat spayed/neutered can be costly, but in the end, as I'm sure you know, raising litters of kittens costs more. In this thread at the bottom of the first post are some links to some nationwide programs.

I don't know about dwarfism in felines, although it sounds very interesting. The only kitten I know of like that is a member's cat, but she was a rescue with very serious health issues that stunted her growth.
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The only time I ever saw this type of trait in cats was in a colony that was severely inbred. Please check out the links to the website that heidi left, and call around to local rescue groups in your area to help with getting all the cats spayed and neutered. Unchecked, they will continue to breed and kitten season is almost upon us again (depending on where you live)
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Hi and welcome!!!!!
I also would love to see a pic of your little one, she sounds so sweet!!
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It's very interesting about feline dwarfism. This is the first time I heard of it.
Anyway, I hope you find a good deal on the spaying/neutering discount, but why exclude the females?
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Hi and welcome to Cereal and his mum (and dad!)
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Hi and welcome to tcs! what a neat name.

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