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Anyone use Evolve?

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I was wondering if anyone here uses Evolve catfood. It looks very good but I was just wanting some feedback from someone who had tried it.
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My neighbor feeds it to her cats.. she says they love it.
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I have heard many good things about Evolve. One of our clients uses it religiously for her cat. She said she likes it because it doesn't make her cat gain as much weight as the other natural (and unfortunately fattening) cat foods.

I gave my cat a few nibbles of it, and he seemed to like it, but I have never fed it regularly.
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My cat's breeder used to feed her cats Evolve dry food, but she quit b/c it gave them really bad garlic breath. I was going to try it (I don't mind the breath that much) but she got him used to another brand and I don't see any reason to switch. I like Evolve's website, and what they say about their food. I thought it was impressive.
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Evolve is a wonderful food...I use the canned food in a rotation of Pet Guard, wellness and precise canned and the only dry I feed is chicken soup for the cat lover's soul. Evolve's ingredients are wonderful...for the dry and the wet. I haven't tried the dry yet because my cats are very happy with the chicken soup.
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Evolve has just become available here, and I've been thinking about trying it out, though I've always understood that cats shouldn't be given garlic. As JC's motto is definitely "Variety is the spice of life", I guess I'll order some. If only "Chicken Soup.." were offered here!
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I,also, have heard and read that garlic is dangerous for cats. Does anyone else know about this?
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