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I thought I would post a picture of my missing Princess, this is my favorite picture!!!
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Princess is beautiful. Sending lots of "Princess be safe and come home!!"
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Awe she is a cutie. What happened to her? I must have missed her story.
Come home Princess!!!
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I was wondering the same thing. What happened to her Amber and all my other kitties are crossing their toes in hope that Princess returns soon.
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Princess is so cute. I hope she comes home soon.
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I hope she comes home soon... sending you lots of positive vibes to guide her home..
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Come home Princess, your mums missing you!!!
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She just decided that she wants to go on vacation I think. So hopefully she will return!
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Gosh I hope she comes back. You may want to check just in case someone found her. Also call your local shelters and the spca to see if they have her too. They may have found her and are looking for her owners.
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is this her?
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Naa thats not her, the one in the ad doesnt have a tail. Sorry to get your hopes up. It is worth looking around for her though. Good luck finding your sweet baby.
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Thank you anyways though, I have been checking websites like that, our Sacramento SPCA doesn't usually take in lost cats, only cats that are given up, but another one does and I looked on their website. It is just that there are a ton of black and white tuxedo kitties!
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Great picture. I hope she comes home soon.
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Aww I hope princess comes home soon.
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Sorry to here your kitty is missing....sure hope she finds her way home.....she is a lovely kitty
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oh whatta cutee. probably just on "vacay"
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Ahhh-What a pretty pretty princess! I hope she comes home soon! Any word on her at all?
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