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okay really does anyone else this issue?

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Kinsey has now had her anal glands expressed twice in like 8 months and I can smell it again. she's two, spayed, eats natural balance, is otherwise healthy, etc. My question is the last time we were at the vet she wanted to put Kinsey on antibiotics in case it was some kind of infection, but she had just been on antibiotics so I decided to just have them expressed and see if it happened again (I'm hesistant to give them drugs when they might not need them). What should I do now? vet again? antibiotics? do some cats just have this happen to them and just need more fiber or something? I really need some advice here cause I'm not sure what the best thing to do is. Thanks, Lauren
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If your vet feels that antibiotics are called for, my suggestion is to follow his advice. Make sure you follow the rounds of the drugs even if the cat seems to get better.

Good luck!
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Anal gland problems are not all that uncommon in cats and small dogs. My cat hit a patch of time for a while where he needed anal gland expressions every couple of months. I was never advised to give antibiotics, though.

You can try to increase the fiber in the diet - some think this can help solve the problem. You can try buying some canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie -- just plain canned pumpkin), and put a tablespoon or so on your cat's food.

Just be sure to take your cat in when you notice that smell or any scooting. Left uncared for, a full anal gland could rupture. This can turn into an expensive surgery!
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I think you should increase fiber also. I really don't think all vets know everything there is to know on animals. Every time something is wrong they want to give antibiotics! Yes, sometimes they are needed but sometimes there is a simpler, more natural choice and they don't want to acknowledge it. Try the pumpkin and see if that helps, or you may just have to have the glands checked more often.
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So is it normal for cats to need them expressed every few months? If not normal, then is it something to be really worried about? What can cause it?

Do some cats just need them expressed occasionally or does it signify that something is wrong? I guess I'm just not educated enough about this and want to know the best way to handle it. I'll put her on antibiotics if need be, I just hate to give them if they aren't needed. Has anyone given antibiotics for this in the past? Help!!
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I think some cats, for one reason or another, have recurrent problems with their anal glands, while the majority of cats have fewer issues. Some cats may require anal gland expression on a regular basis. It may be diet related, but then again, your cat may just be prone to it.

I have a three year old cat, who for the first two years of his life, had frequent gland blockage, but for the past year it has been almost non-existent, with no change in his diet. He was never prescribed antibiotics, but I think that if he had developed an infection, I would have considered medication.

There is probably nothing "abnormal" about your cat, she just suffers from a condition that is not very well-known to most people.

I would definately make sure that the antibiotics are only given if the cat HAS an infection of the glands. It sounded like your vet was prescribing them "in case" of an infection, and not because of one. Anal gland blockage, in and of itself, is not a reason to start a course of antibiotics.

You may need to get a second opinion on whether or not the cat actually has an infection.

Good Luck
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