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There is definitely hope for the future...

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Just had to share this with you guys.

I asked a friend of mine and her daughter if they wanted to go to a cat show this weekend with me, because I know that Katie (about 10 years old) loves animals and would love to get a kitty, but with two dogs with very high prey drives it isn't going to happen. Anyway, her mom said that they were planning to do their volunteer work at the Humane Society this weekend, but she would ask Katie what she wanted to do.

Katie's answer: "I would really like to go to the cat show, but I would rather do my volunteering at the Humane Society."

(Mom's trying to work it out so they can do both...)
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Awwww, that is so sweet

(A very stupic question: What is there that is usually done in the voluneering work at the Humaine Society?
We can do some volunteer work with the Red Cross, but I think thats it. I wish there was more.)
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Well, Katie really wanted to help animals so Mom and Dad signed up with her at the Humane Society Shelter. As Mom puts it, Katie gets to play with and pet and love on the animals, while she picks up poop. They all had to go through orientation and training. Right now they just work in the dog area because they haven't finished their cat orientation.
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I think it´s great to have something like that.
We only have one cat shelter here, and I dont think it´s available to do any volunteer work there, I would love to though.
And I dont think there is any dog shelter or any other animal shelter. I went to the cat shelter a while ago, and there were 2 rabbits there, so I quess this is the only place for misplaced pets.
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I say the parents of Katie deserve a big pat in the back. They're doing a great job!
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I think its brilliant also.

When i was with my boyfriend, his daughter wanted to work with animals. She was 15 at the time when i rang our local RSPCA to ask if she could help them, i.e. clean their kennels out, feed them etc..., but they would only let them walk dogs,and that was only if a parent was with them!!.
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The parents of Katie are doing a fantastic job.

It's brought a smile to my face.
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Good for her! Actually, there are a lot of kids who volunteer in our local cat home, not just giving the kitties attention, but also cleaning, feeding, etc.. A couple of my students volunteer at their local shelters, and just this week the classes were emptying their wallets for a young shelter dog that is desperately in need of a hip replacement. So yes, there definitely is hope.
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i saw a story on the news a couple of months ago about a young girl who was asking for money for christmas that she could donate to the humane society. she also walks her neighbours dogs for $1 and she donates that money too.
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Katie sounds like a very dedicated little girl, and wise beyond her years!!! How many other little kids would choose resposibility over what they really wanted to do?
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Yay for Katie! I remember when I used to volunteer at my animal shelter that I would go there over anything else. The animals were important to me, and they still are even though I work there for money now. And although I spend alot more time cleaning and alot less time petting and playing, it still is a really fun place, and I congratulate Katie on her wonderful decision!
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