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New Kitten soon!

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Hello, all Our most recent addition, Loco, is adjusting very well to our home. He and my older kitty Onyx are getting along so well! My husband has decided that he wants to get another kitten, and I would like to hear from all of you who have introduced more than one new kitten to a household in a short time framw where there is already an established Alpha cat. Onyx is about three years old and is a pretty laid back kitty. Will getting a new kitten affect the developing relationship between Loco and Onyx? How will Loco (hes about 3.5 months old now)react to a new younger kitten as he is still pretty young himself? Would a female or male make any difference to the adjustment process?? Questions ,questions Any help anyone can offer would be great. Thanks!!
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Melissa - How exciting to get a new kitten! I haven't had to deal with this issue, so I'm not much help. But it did move your post into the Behaviour forum because I think you'll get some really great replys here. Hope you don't mind...
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Hmmm, seeing as how Onyx has adjusted to Loco okay, it's a safe bet a new addition will go over fairly easy. You will have the same hisses and spits as the first time though. I bet even Loco will make his place known to the new kitten. I would suggest getting a female if you have 2 males already. Males will tend to be more terrtiorial in a multi male situation. If you bring in a female she will probably take the roll of head cat eventually and there wont be as much of a chance for territory or top cat issues.
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I'd like to get a girl kitty I've had mostly boys before. My hubby saw a picture online of a kitty up for adoption at our local SPCA that he liked. Her name is Marlee and shes a beautiful girl. Short haires with mostly white and some grey and cream on her back. One of her paws had a spot of orange tabby color on it! A real cutie. She appears to be an adult cat though, and I'm a bit worried how she'll fit into the scheme of things around here. Advice?
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Adopting adult cats is a WONDERFUL thing. However, I find the more cats I have the harder it is to introduce an adult. You would also have to find out if this particular girl is okay with other cats. Some cats just don't want to be around another cat. You might want to explain the situation to the SPCA and try to introduce her slowly, give it a month and see if it works out.
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Hi Melissa..:angel2:

I don't believe we've met, so...welcome to the site I would definitely have to agree with Sandie. If I did pick her up (sounds like she's irresistable, I'd leave her in a room by herself for a few days, they'll smell her and they will get used to each others scents, gradually introduce her to them Awwwww...I'm sure she'll be just fine...

Love, Peace &
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