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Potential Health Hazard in Flamers

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In the food court of the nearby Plaza Centro mall which is at walking distance from my house, there is a Flamers. My friends have suggested it to me, so I went.

Now, I just loved their hamburgers, as they were real hamburgers, not the cardboard of BK or McDonalds.

However, there is something which has me concerned: The Mayonaisse. Once they make the hamburger they bring it to you and you are in front of the bar where you order them to put the ingredients you want (pickles, onions and such). Now, when it came to the mayonaisse, the thing appalled me.

It was in the same kind of open container the pickles and tomatoes and other things are, and with a big lamp on top, which would have the temperature several degrees higher. And I noticed that when they touched it with the knife, the outside of the thing trembled a bit like Jello.

I had it with everything, but mayonaisse.

My worry, is that the mayonaisse, which is made of eggs, in such condition is a potential hotspot for salmonella, and other bacteria.

But, I don't know if my worry is right, or if its safe... Nor what should I do.

What do you think?
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i work at a restaurant and leaving mayo out is an absolute No No! we have mayo in small vacuum sealed packages for customers to use and everything made with mayo stays in the fridge. if the health inspector were to see that, the place could be closed for potential food poisoning
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I'm not familiar with Flamers, but I definitely think leaving the mayonnaise out the way you've described poses a health hazard. I'm even sceptical about ordering egg, tuna or potato salad when I'm eating out.
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Mayonaise goes bad very quickly and needs to be kept refrigerated. So you were right in your assesment!
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My bet is that it isn't real mayo and that it has no eggs. I'll bet that if you looked at the ingredients you would find that it is pure preservatives and whipped oil.
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That is what I thought a bit... anyway I would rather have whipped oil and preservatives than a severe case of salmonella from spoiled mayo.

I could try giving them a phone call and see what they've got to say about the subject. Depending on what they say I could try to check on checking whoever regulates health conditions (Puerto Rico Health Department although I don't know if there is a Municipal Agency). What do you think?
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