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Peaches needs a home asap!

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I rescued a stray about a year ago and she has been living in our spare room for about 3 months now. My other 4 cats won't accept her into the family. You can see a pic of her in my signature. She deserves a home of her own where she can come out of the bedroom and be the loving kitty she is with lots of attention.
If anyone knows someone who can adopt her please let me know. She is very sweet, loves to be brushed and likes to "meow" back when i talk to her.
I have contacted the local no-kill sheltere here in town. They can take here when they get room but I would like to adopt her out myself where I know she will go to a loving furrever home.
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Have you posted ads in supermarkets, church community boards, petstores, hardware stores etc. There is a great PDF on how to find homes for homeless's in this link:{41DBEDCE-1E92-4BD7-B479-689D188903B7}

Good Luck

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