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Miss Jackson, if you're nasty

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I went and saw Janet Jackson last night, and the show was SO amazing I had to post about it.

It wasn't a concert, it was more of a broadway musical. The sets were amazing, the dancing was incredible and Janet is absolutely beautiful. That girl works her ass off and earns every cent of her millions. She is a true entertainer.

It was one of the best concerts I have ever been too. Completely entertaining and fun.
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Hey AP,

I've heard that her concerts are the best around and well worth the money. Call me at work if you get a chance. I'm here now (2:30) and am bored out of my mind!!!

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I have always loved Janet Jackson!!! I wish I could have been there!!!
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I thought this was a cat site,,,with cat discussion

not www.THEJACKSONS.com

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This is a cat site, with lots of discussions on lots of topics. You'll notice that you are in the Cat Lounge, where we can talk about our cats, our days, our interests, including the Jacksons.

Please refrain from trying to stir up animosity on this site. If I see posts that are intentionally troublesome, I will edit or delete the post according the our policies here on The Cat Site.
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Glad you had a good time at the concert, it amazes me how Janet Jackson looks better and better as she gets older...I wanna know her secrets...besides tons of $$$ thaaat is! :LOL:

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Yo Lazahn,

No offense but...What is up with you??? The cat lounge is to discuss anything not just cats. So why don't you just go back to your OWN website and leave ours alone. Your attitude towards Air Princess is starting to get on my nerves!! Go antagonize someone else.

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I agree with you Donna!!!!

And I think Dawn said it very nicely, so I hope that's the end of that.

Play nice or don't play at all.
We don't need this crap here.
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I'll try to keep this down to one syllable words you'll find easy to understand:

This is a cat site, not a freak site. Get Lost.

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Hey Deb...
syllable is a 3 syllable word...that might be a problem for our "friend". :LOL:
So is understand. :laughing2:

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Sorry Cleo,

I can only "dumb down" so much. After that, it's up to the reader.
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Good point...my apologies!

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now we're getting the thread off course here, the important thing to remember is that Janet Jackson kicks ass.

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I thought that's what I was doing: kicking some ass.
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you are, you are, and it's much appreciated, but is it so hard to throw in some of the things you like about Janet as well?
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Seeing as I don't get to go to every spectacular show that comes along, I have to settle for living vicariously through you.
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Despite what some of you may think; this old ThreeLeggedKat is a fan of Janet Jackson also! I think that she has twice as much talent as the rest of the Jackson Family put together! From what I have seen, she works very hard to include all types of music in her shows as well as theatrics and phenominal dancing. . . .Oh, Yeah, and the guys in her troop are "easy on the eyes" too! The only depressing thing is the fact that all that talent is wrapped up in a tiny package that isn't even as big as my left leg (when it's NOT retaining fluid!)

AP; Deb25 is not the only member envious of your concert attending. I wish I were even 10 yrs. younger; I would return to D.C. and cruise the venues with you, girl!!!!
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Deb25, AP, 3LK and Cleo,

You guys definitely made my Tuesday morning! Only Deb25 kicks ass better than anyone I know. Obviously Lazahn is still trying to figure out those 3 syllable words cuz he hasn't responded yet.

I would NEVER refer to this loser as a friend. He antagonized my friends ruthlessly for absolutely no reason. I'd rather call Jeffrey Dahlmer a friend, and he's DEAD!! Oh, and for the record Cleo, I thought we were pagans, not freaks .

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