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This is a a spin-off of Rhian's thread about winning her favorite games on ebay. I just reminded me to post about our trip to Walmart last night.
Steven and I have been playing monopoly lately and have gotten a little bored with it. So last night we went to Walmart and bought some new games to play. We got:

Scene It
Trivial Persuit (20th Ann. Addition)
Battle of the Sexes
Video Game (it has centipede, breakout, pong, asteroids, and some other games)

Last night we played battle of the sexes. It was ok. Not the best game in the world but it was fun.

Tonight I want to play Trivial Persuit, I love that game

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I love playing that kind of games.
Many years ago I found a game of Yatzee for 6 dices (instead of the usual 5), and I really liked it.
A bit later I came across Yatzee for 12 dices, and I LOVE that!

I also really love the games like Pictionary, Actionary, Trivial Persuit and one Icelandic one wich can make you roll on the floor from laughter. Icelandic is a very very old language, and there are many words that have not been in use for ages, and sound very veird. The one in charge each time reads an old word (which most likely noone has heard before) and everyone writes a likely explanation (or one that would likely fool the others). The one in charge then slips in the right explanation and then points can be gotten by guessing which is the right explanation. This can be so hilarious and the real explanations can be so absurd that noone would guess that to be the real one.

A few days after I bouth my car (which is my first car, I´m not selling it, ever ), I went to a friends house and we played Actionary. On the way home at about 4 AM, I was almost still laughing, at least had a silly smile on my face, this had been so funny. Since it was the time many people are going home from a night on the town, the police stopped me and I must have looked really silly, at least she wouldnt believe I hadnt been drinking and made me blow in their alcahol check ballon thing to finally believe me
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Pollyanna, we have the game you described about the old language etc...but over here is is called something different. I can't remember what it is right now though.
That's great that the police didn't believe you could be "high on life" LOL
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Can I come to your place to play games? I love playing games, but Earl doesn't so we don't.

Sesselja, that Icelandic game sounds like one we have in the states called Balderdash. I've played it before and it is hillarious!
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Ya that's the name of it Heidi, Balderedash!
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I bought my housemate Cat-opoly for her birthday. It's got exactly the same format as Monopoly but instead of houses, you put litterboxes on your 'properties' which are actually different cat breeds. Once you get 4 litterboxes, you get a fish! instead of jail, you get sent to the pound and if you're not careful, you get chased by a dog or have to take a trip to the vet.
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Ha ha ha that's great! Catopoly sounds cute I will have to get one of those games. Where did you get it from?
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Ginger, I bought it online from an Aussie shop as it was very hard to find over here. I just did a search and came up with these:



and here.

I'm sure you could pick it up at any good games store.
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I love trivial pursuit, I have the version for children and adults (I STILL use the kiddie questions ) I really want to get the new 20th anniversary edition. I also have it for the PC.

My other favourite is Cluedo (called Clue in most countries), I have the Simpsons version and the PC version and finished the spin off Cluedo Chronicles - Fatal Illusion on the PC last weekend.

I used to have Monopoly but lost it whilst moving (I think it's at my dad's house) I want to get the Welsh version sometime soon.
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Greg and I play Scrabble at least once a week. We love games, and play Monolopy, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Scattegories, and a few others sometimes, but Scrabble is our favorite!
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Tania, thanks for the links

We had to pick games that only needed two players since we play usually when it is the two of us so games like Scattegories and Clue are out. We wanted to get Clue but the box said for 3 or more players. Oh well
Scrabble is ok, my vocabulary is not strong enough to get into it though. I think people who like to read alot do better at Scrabble
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
Pollyanna, we have the game you described about the old language etc...but over here is is called something different. I can't remember what it is right now though.
That's great that the police didn't believe you could be "high on life" LOL
This Icelandic word game is called another thing (Fimbulfamb), but Actionary is the same as Pictionary, just instead you have to act the words you get instead of drawing them. It can be very funny - and difficult to "act" an eraser or Italy an elevator
The Pictionary is sometimes hard engough, but having to act it...

I used to play regularily, but the people that used to play kindof drifted apart, moved abroad to study and such, so I dont play a lot now. I wish I did more of it.
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Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit here. Upwords is a good offshoot of Scrabble. Battle of the Sexes is only fun if you are with a crowd and tipping back a few cold ones. Sometimes you just have to break away from the computer and sit face to face! LOL
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How does the Battle of the Sexes work? (I mean the game )
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It is a board game where men call women questions that are stereptypically geared to men. The women have to try and answer things like car questions and sports questions.
Women call men questions about make-up, fashion, and cooking.
It really does stereotype the sexes but it is fun when you actually can answer the questions and "defy" the stereotypes.
Some of the questions are REALLY easy though. For example: Where would a barette be worn on a woman? OR What do you call the rubber thing you use to un-stop a toilet?
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Originally posted by valanhb
Can I come to your place to play games? I love playing games, but Earl doesn't so we don't.
Bring Earl to a Lan party!That might hook him to play games!
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Heidi, do you have any games? maybe if you get one or two and "make" him play, he might actually enjoy it It's worth a try!
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Sounds like a fun game!

This reminds me of the guys in my class in school (a school for 4 years, similar to the last part of high school and first part of collage). We wera talking about cosmetics, and the girls were asking the boys of different things, and they just couldnt answer. Like a mascara, where does that do? Hmmmmmm....on the cheeks??? LOL
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Tonight was Yahtzee night! That is a really fun game. Its like playing poker with dice instead of cards We played 5 games!
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