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Fences and cats

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So what do you guys think? This spring I'm wanting to put up a wooden privacy fence in my backyard. My cats live to be outside and they were given considerable freedom to do just that until last fall. After 5 years of no problems, outside of some minor incidences, my neighbor shot and almost killed Smudge. So obviously their days of hanging about outside are over. There are alot of cats in my neighborhood, and like I said for 5 years I have had cats who were tagged and kept current on vaccinations, who were allowed to be outside on their own. Until one day my neighbor who I've never spoken with in the 3 years he's lived beside me, felt he had to let me know that " I need to keep my damn cats out of his damn yard!" Okaaaay????? Hmmm.. I spent the next week severly limiting the time Millie and Smudge spent outside while trying to figure out what to do. So then one morning I let Smudge out for an hour and he came back with a lead pellet lodged in his back. Cats being the way they are, we didn't realize anything was wrong until later that afteroon. The pellet entered his side traveled through his small intestine(6 inches had to be removed) and out through his back where it lodged under the skin...

Anyway, I've recently come to the conclusion that I can afford the lumber and supplies for a wooden privacy fence. This would make my backyard, which is big, a safe haven for everyone to play in. But then there is Smudge. Out of four cats, it is Smudge who would be interested in looking for a way over any fence in his way. And it would only be Smudge who could physically do this.

Does anyone have any experience in this kind of situation? In and of itself, the idea of having a nice tall wooden fence surrounding my backyard is very appealing. But you know only out of real neccessity now is it being seriously looked at. Of course the majority of people I mention this to seem to almost enjoy letting me know that cats can scale these kind of fences, as if the notion never crossed my mind.I have seen designs using netting material and flag posts to make a wooden privacy fence cat proof. Of course first thing's first. So what do ya'll think? Does anyone have success with radio fences??
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First of all, i'm sorry for what this idiot did to smudge, and hope he's on the mend again. Id like to take a gun to the creep who did it i can tell you!

Theres a lot of people have those caged cat runs which seem a good idea. At least that way they can be outside and safe, away from pea brains like your neighbour!!
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I am sorry to hear about your nasty neighbor! What an idiot. I am glad that Smudge is ok!
At our last house, we had a screened in porch that the cats went out in. They didn't try to get out, but my cats are used to not being able to roam freely.
I would definatly make sure it is completly enclosed just in case Smudge gets out again. Next time the neighbor may do something worse to him. Maybe is is better that they not go out at all if you cannot be sure that the enclosure you build is completly secure.
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I have a large dog that I use the Instant Fence on. I purchased it off the internet through the company that makes it Petsafe (its cheaper that way than going to a local store) It has worked very well on the dog and me (I did my own training).And they have an 800 number for free customer support. I checked the website and they do have cat contanment here it is http://www.petsafe-warehouse.com/cat...ce_fencing.htm

I also found this one: http://www.properpet.com/pet_barriers.htm

One thing you have to remember about using this product, it is something you HAVE TO CHECK everyday to make sure it is working. ALso check the collar everyday to make sure the probs are not lose, our dog moves it around his neck and sometimes the probs come undone and he know exactly what he is doing

If at all possible, keeping cats inside is safer but if you can not at least you are very responsible in checking out ways to keep your kitties safe

Good luck and if you have any questions about the petsafe product you can PM me.

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I seem to remember seeing a cat proof wood fence that had a section on top that was maybe 10" wide that was mounted so that it leaned in at an angle along the entire top edge of the fence, all the way around. The cats could climb up, but couldn't get around the part leaning in. I hope that made sense!
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Where excactly did you see this extension at? The only thing I've seen is the netting that I mentioned before. You can make it in to anything your imagination comes up with.

I am seriously thinking about these radio fences as they are soooo much cheaper and easier to install. Your worst nightmare is that after getting everything set up and making attempts to "train", you find out that it's not gonna work.

I am bound and determined to do what has to be done. Smudge and Millie, the two cats that crave the outdoors, have been really good this winter. Mother nature plays a big part in convincing them that they don't really want to go outside, but come spring they will be climbing the walls, and can you blame them. I tell ya it's hard living next door to this toothless redneck neighbor of mine. Really hard. But I'll be moving in two years, so in the meantime Smudge and I are planning our revenge.. Smudge is one of the sweetest cats I have ever known so I'll go out of my way to accomodate him..

Be good
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You definitely have to have some kind of attachment angling inwards (something like http://www.catfencein.com )if you put up a wooden privacy fence. We have one that is 2 meters high (well over 6'), and it is absolutely no obstacle for the neighborhood cats, including our neighbor's seriously overweight 18-year-old+ cat. Some people rave about the "radio" fences, while others relate that their dog/cat panicked, got outside the fence, and then was unable to get back into the yard once he'd calmed down. The electric fences obviously are no good in an electrical storm, or if there is a sudden power outage. Your neighbor sounds as if somebody should put some buckshot in him.
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First off I am sorry that your neighbor views cats as something he can easily hunt.

You should not put up a wooden fence, simply because a cat will climb a wooden fence over any other type, it is their natural instinct to. There are several fences available, and I would steer clear of the invisible fencing even though it is effective for dogs, the collars are cumbersome, and the fence will not stop other animals from coming across and hurting your cat.

Here is a link to websites that will offer you a safe alternative:

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Sheesh, your neighbor needs psychiatric help! Why don't you tell him to screen and fence his own place? I mean it's him against the world! What a creep!
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