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Our Daily Thread for Sunday

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Sunday. I'm at work listening to Enya (compliments of Air Princess) and watching the clock waiting for 4 p.m. to come along. I'm bored and want to go home. But hey, it's overtime.

I had my little Eli with me for a while but took him home because he was restless. It's like having a kid (he's only 8 weeks old). Eli is going to a new home next week. A wonderful woman who is in the midst of moving was looking for a kitten. Rene suggested Eli. I had been going back and forth on whether or not to place or keep him because I already have 7 cats of my own. As much as it breaks my heart for him to leave me, I know she can give him the attention that he needs. I love him alot and only want what's best. She's a real nice lady and said she'd send pictures and give me periodic updates. She is also going to get him a playmate.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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Went to Wal-Mart yesterday and instead of coming home with purchases, I left with 8 kittens. There was a young girl sitting outside with a box of kitties, and you could clearly see that they were not all from the same queen. It always infuriates me to see boxes of babies being given away like this, so I told her if she would help me carry them to my truck, I would take all of them. I will have to get some pics of them soon, right now my camera is on the blink, but I think Mike is going to take me to look at digital cameras next week. These guys are cute, but aren't all kitties...

We are having a Sidewalk Knife Sale today, and so far the sales are going well. It is a beautiful sunny day with just a little bit of a breeze. A good day for the lake, but can't leave right now, to much responsibility...
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Hissy brought home 8 today and I placed my little Chance from Goldie's litter. Joy comes into one home and leaves another all in the same day. I miss my little one-eyed ball of yellow fluff, but know in my heart this is the right thing to do. My niece is thrilled and will give Chance a great and loving home. Goodbyes are hard - but necessary in this life.
The rest of the day will be cleaning and laundry - good for the soul and also good not to think about other things.

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