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Thursdays thread

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My alarm went off this morning, i stretched in bed, then all i heard was "crunch, crunch,crunch" right between my shoulder blades!!!.

The pain turned into a burning sensation, causing me to feel sick, but thankfully, thanks to a guy in the office with his healing hands, the pain has turned into a slight ache.

A lovely way to start the day, but never mind. Hope everyone elses day goes well.

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Rosiemac - I hope you feel better. Backaches are the worst!

I'm only working a half day today because my clothes dryer died a few days ago and the repair guy is coming this afternoon. I just hope it is something simple and I don't have to go get a new dryer!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Rosiemac - I hope your back/shoulders feel better, Jeepers LOVES the cat grass.

I'm not up to much today, just cleaning and stuff (yawn!) I have a lot of vacuuming to do because Jeepers is shedding EVERYWHERE, my favourite black jumper is now grey and brown.

Jason and I are gonna start clearing our back garden this weekend, it is full of waist high brambles and as much as I love blackberries they have to go. We also want to prune our fruit trees (apples and pears) so they grow well this year. The house was a rental before we bought it and it looks like the landlady didn't do anything to the garden for years. I'll have to take a picture to post before we start clearing it - the garden will be more than twice the size when we've finished.
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I got up at 5am today and went with Josh to the Y. Work started at 8am, and I'll be on campus, either working or going to class, until 5pm. Tonight Josh and I have to go and do our cleaning job... after that, when I finally get home, I have some major reading and writing to catch up on.

Is it sleepy time yet?
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Got a job interview today sure its only abrys, but its better than nothing! Theres just no jobs around here.
I also get to go to school late, because my teacher checked me out of my first 2 periods.
Hope eveyone else has a good day too.

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Good luck Brandon. Whats abrys mean??.

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Susan - I hope you feel better, and the pain will completely go away.

Brandon - I hope you´ll get the job!

I still have my sister laptop, I hope she wont have to use is just yet

I havent done much today. My s/o and I were gonna go out and get some things done, since he has the day off (he works on shifts), but his back is so bad he couldn´t even get out of bed. He has been working now 2 nightshifts (all shifts are 12 hours), and that´s just to much for his back at the moment, so he doubts he´s gonna take all the 3 busy dayshifts on fri/sat/sun. (So, I will get to have him with me, yey! ) We had planned to go out to dinner on Sat. for your anniversary on the 12th, hopefully we can. My s/o had an back op about a year ago, but might have to have another .

I was supposed to have a Tupperware demo tonight, but it got cancelled, so it seems this is one of the days where nothings get done the way it´s supposed to...

I hope you all have a nice day!
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I was a good girl last night. When I went to bed I set the timer on the TV so it wouldn't be on all night and I could get a good nights sleep. So what do you think happened? Rachel came home in the middle of the night (first time home in a week) and turned the heat up to 71 degrees. DAMN! I woke up with a terrible headache and feeling all dried up! So I had to have something to drink and couldn't get back to sleep right away. <sigh> I told Rachel this morning she needs to start helping me financially. She's 24 years old and not in school. And I also told her she can't come in and turn the heat up like that. Not only does it disturb my sleep and make me feel like crap. But she doesn't pay the &%# %&%# gas bill! We've had a long cold winter and my last bill was $270!! Ok I'll get off my soap box now.

I lost another 4 pounds! That's 11 pounds I've lost now in the last 2 weeks! I sure hope it keeps up but what usually happens is I'll loose a few pounds and then it stops. We'll see. I'm crossing everything I can think of to cross!
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Not doing to much here. I got home from work and was snagged into playing a game with the guys. Now I am STARVING and they are in the other room playing X box. I'm thinking about just goinging and making something, but darnit! I just got off of work and Honeys done NOTHING but play with his friends ALL day! Oh well, I might just go and get a darn PopTart just to tide me over, darn men, I swear if it were legal, I'd smack him upside the head!
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Originally posted by rosiemac
Good luck Brandon. Whats abrys mean??.

I think that Brandon means ARBY'S. Its a fast food chain, whose specialty is roast beef sandwiches. As fast food goes, they're not TOO bad. They serve really good milkshakes.

I had a pretty easy day, today. It was my weekly continuing training day, which got me off of the phone, for an hour-and-a-half. Several customers were ready to adopt me, as they found out that this month is their last payment. They didn't know, until I told them. Believe me, I know when MY last car payment is due.

I guess that Bill likes his birthday cake - he took a HUGE chunk, in his lunch and ate the whole thing. He's not a big sweet eater so, this is something for him.
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My day was so boring, yesterday afternoon our internet stopped working. It just got back up about 30 minutes ago. Doku finally started eating and she is up walking around now, yet gets worn out easily and has slept the day away on my lap. We went grocery shopping and that is about it.....how fun huh?
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Originally posted by katl8e
I think that Brandon means ARBY'S. Its a fast food chain, whose specialty is roast beef sandwiches. As fast food goes, they're not TOO bad. They serve really good milkshakes.
I'm glad you cleared that up because I was wondering what abrys was too!
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Yep Arbys. Im a terrible speller. Thanks for the luck everyone! I got through both interviews, and now all I need is a food handlers permit. Yeah Ill be making dirt pay, and not get many hours, but a job is a job. I need money for my car too

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