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Four Kitties and a lab

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I have 4 Cats and a Black lab mix a Calico, Baby Taz she is about monthes and the oldest of my cats. Two pure white cats, Snow Angel and lucky 8 monthes and 6 monthes. Last but cyrtanly not least a 5 month old grey tabby named Squeeker. My soon to be husband calles me a cat collecter but my cats all get along extrodanarally well and are very tame. I have raised about 13 orphaned kittens and two of my cats were only supposed to be foster cases that I just couldnt give up. I have been involved with injured and wild cats since I was 13 and really am looking forward to spring and seeing the arrival of a new batch of farm kittens. Arent kittens so angelic?
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What sets the collectors aside from the rescuers, is that the rescuers strive to make sure there are no new kittens in their group, as there are enough to go around and around and around. Please be sure to spay and neuter your cats, even the barn cats.
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Welcome Kelly! That's a lot of orphaned kittens! Thank you for taking care of them !
Just read your comment about declawing! I hope all those kittens went to homes where owners don't agree with you!
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Hello and welcome to TCS.
Thank you for taking care of all those kittens
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Welcome to the site Kelly

Ooooooh you don't de-claw do you?. Ouch
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Hi Kelly, and welcome to TCS! Apart from just spending time enjoying our mutual love of cats, we're also here to help with education, problems and questions, so please feel free to make use of all the forums.

Kittens are angelic, but as a rescuer myself, I never look forward to another batch of kittens! I don't know if you're aware of the homeless cat problem in the United States, but it is extensive. I think it's wonderful that you care for these cats and have helped to rehome so many, but the best way to love our pets, barn cats and feral friends is to have them fixed. If you'd like to learn about the health reasons why, please use this link: Why Spay/Neuter Cats? Health Benefits & other information

Also, if you'd like to learn about the problem of homeless cats here, please use this link: Stray Pet Advocacy: The Homeless Pet Problem

We hope you enjoy the many resources and community here at TCS.
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Welcome to the site! Always glad to see someone who cares for orphaned kittens.
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welcome to the best site around.....
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Welcome to TCS
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Welcome aboard to you and your kitties..
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