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I give UP!!!!!

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I have yet another cold sore. I use Abreva and it works but it takes like 15 days. (that was the last ones amount of time to heal) I had one on the 26 of Jan and finally got rid of it the 7th of feb. No correction, the 10th of Feb. Does anyone know anyway to get them to heal faster? I can't take GSE because I can't have any form of grapefruit because of my medicine.(not that I wouldn't love to, I love grapefruits, and I think they next appt I'm going to ask him if I can have an occassional one)
Ok can anyone help me? I don't even know WHY I'm getting them. It sucks!Oh yeah, there isn't stress involved in getting them because the first one (in Jan) I got right before my vacation in Feb. and this one I got the first day back to work and it was only a 3 hour shift. I feel like a freak with my lip all puffy and icky looking!
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This is a pretty good website

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I get them all the time myself!!!! No clue why but I know to expect to get them 3 months a year.....well until I found this product called Lisine-L not sure on the spelling tho.It comes in a tube like Chap stick that's is Mustard colored. when I feel a sore starting I apply a layer on my lips before I go to bed and by the time I wake up there is no sign of the sore. And if one sneaks up on me I apply this stuff 2 to 3 times a day and The sore is gone with in 3 days. I swear by this stuff!!!
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It wouldn't be Morgans Lysine Lip Balm would it?
I use that also and it still takes forever for them to go away. Heck I alternate that and the Abreva the whole time so that I don't become immune to one or the other.(I am not sure that can happen but you never know.) I also use Carmex. I have so many things of Chapstick, Carmex, Lip smackers, in my purse that I swear that I bought the whole company of each sometimes! I have at least three things in my purse for my lips at one time. I also have Carmex by my bed, and in the bathroom. Thanks for the help though. I really appreciate it!!!!!!
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I really feel for you. Im lucky i never get them, but a girl i work with gets them all the time. She has a lot of stress in her personal life, and has no energy at times which does'nt help.

Im going to show her that website though Hissy, because she's tried just about everything!.

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Barb, I've had a friend that has had the same problem since she was a kid. I'll ask her how she's handled the problem. I KNOW how frustrating it is!!!! My heart goes out to you and I sure hope you find something that works and SOON!

I hope you're otherwise doing GREAT!

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One thing that works for me to prevent them to begin with is take a L-Lysine supplement each day (pill form) Works wonders!
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I'm going to look for the stuff I use. Its perscription. When I feel the tingle, or even when I think I feel the tingle I put this cream on the area and then no cold sore developes.

I know what a pain they can be. One time around Christmas (of course gotta look pretty for the pictures) I got like 3 big ones. It looked like I was punched in the mouth.

Now I can never find this medicine I use except when I feel one coming on. It like pops out of nowhere to say, "You're getting one, here I am"

If I manage to use the medication while in the tingle stage I avoid the cold sore, if you put it on afterwards, it doesn't do anything.

I haven't had one in about 2 years.....KNOCK ON EVERY PIECE OF WOOD IN THE WORLD!!!

I'll let you know what its called as soon as it pops up.
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Barb, I don't know if you have this where you are, but you can get a cream called Zovirax - it is the best thing for coldsores. It contains an ingredient called Aciclovir. If you suffer from coldsores a lot and it looks like you do, you can also take tablets that contain the same ingredient. These actually prevent attacks all together. You can get the Zovirax over the counter but the tablets are on prescription.

Good luck, I know what a bummer coldsores can be.
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That is what I use! Its the best!
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Did you know the herpes virus (which causes most cold sores) can love on a lipstick or blistex for a long time?? If you are reusing the same tubes of balm or lipstick between sores, you could be re-infecting yourself. After I have a cold sore, I cut the tip of the balm off and toss it. Not much, just 1/8-1/4 inch. And I don't use my favorite lipsticks when I have one.

I once had one so large, it was granted citizenship! Thats when the doctor gave me that advice.

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Thanks for all the advice. I'm tired of having them I swear I would like to cut my lips off sometimes!
I will try all of the advice and hopefully something's got to work!
Thanks again! I really appreciate it!!!!
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