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Scholarship controversy

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Whites only scholarship
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Saw that article the other day. While I am not saying that these people are going about this in the right way, I feel there is a valid statement being made. The way I look at the issue, as long as there are still scholarships, jobs, etc. that target only blacks, then there is no way there is equality for anyone. My school system is still heavily under EEOC constraints in hiring. I lost out on a number of jobs last summer because, especially in certain schools, at least one administrator must be black. My principal told me that she worried the district would tell her she had to hire a black for my current position. No matter what race, the people who deserve the jobs are the ones who are best qualified to take them.
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I tend to agree, there are exclusive scholarships everywhere, being offered with limits on them according to who is offering them. Black scholarships or white, although the exclusitivity of this is bothersome, again, it is up to the person who is providing the money to place restrictions on it if they wish.
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Scholarships are for "deserving" students who lack finances to continue their studies. I don't understand why they should add "race" as a requisite.
Anyway, I notice it says in the list of requirements that an applicant should be of Caucasian "descent". It doesn't actually mean you should be white, does it? I mean, an Oriental could be eligible if one of his parents were Caucasian, right?
Another thing that is bothering me. What about all those other so-called "funds"? The article mentions "Hispanic Fund" and there's probably an "African-American", "Asian-Pacific","European-Chinese",etc.Aren't the names themselves connote "racist" undertones?
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Exactly! In the U.S. these days there is a scholarship for every sub-group in existence. The only people not getting special consideration are the whites. Sounds like reverse discrimination to me.
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Race and/or gender should have no bearing on jobs, scholarships or college admissions. The best qualified person should get the goody.

You should see what affirmative action has spawned at my job. We have a 60+% attrition rate - mostly due to tardies and excessive abscences. These are just the ones who are fired. There is a whole other group, who just quit showing up. The majority of these are low-income, poorly educated black and Hispanic 20-somethings. I'm not sure WHY they hired me, unless they have a quota for middle-aged white females, too.

All but three supervisors are black or Hispanic and most of them are good, with the exception of my previous one (a young Hispanic male). Black and Hispanic women get away with wearing very low-cut blouses and skirts slit to the crotch, while I've seen white women get sent home because their skirts are shorter than the requisite 3" above the knee. They ARE finally cracking down, with the dress code, though. Anyone, showing up dressed like a hooker, is now being sent home. Of course, they never return.

All of this race-specific stuff just causes MORE division. If minorities want the good jobs, they're just going to have to work at it, like everybody else. Lowering standards doesn't do anybody any good.
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I don't see a problem with it. No one complains about the United Negro College Fund. If people must absolutely be divided like that, every group should be entitled to have their own scholarships, organizations, whatever. If a group or person wants to donate or raise money to educate others, they should be allowed to stipulate who it goes to.
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Just wait till you have children going to college, I have one in college right now premed,(one just graduated ) and she has applied to all kinds of scholarships and grants without much luck on receiving any . We are not rich by no means.) and by the way the FAFSA is a JOKE.
I refuse to get loans, so I do without to send her to school and look forward to her graduating as a Doctor
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