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My Kitty Haiku

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Welcome Home for me
His fur is soft and gentle
"Hi There! Smell my butt!"

She stalks the huge beast
It's roar strikes fear in her heart
It's name is Hoover.

Oh cruel torment
it's buzzing makes me crazy
I must feast on flies.

Oh Please let me in!
I'm miserable out here
In!!...Now let me out!

Oh Please let me out!
I want to play outside, please!
Out!!...Now let me in!

It smells like heaven
that fish taken from a can

It is my mountain
The Everest of Kittens
Conquored Monitor!

I scale the human
I always find it funny
How claws make her shriek.

Hidden, poised for pounce
the bedskirt is my cover
I must...kill...ankles!
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SUSAN - Very very clever!
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Susan; I don't know what exactly constitutes a HaiKu, but I loved your poem. It made me think of the poem where Robert Frost compares fog engulfing a city to the "creeping of little cat feet". . . . methinks; he never had a cat! I am picturing it more this way:


You arrive, not unsilently;
To engulf my heart.
To bring the traffic of my house to a standstill;
save all but your antics. . . . .

To blind me by your devotion
And reduce my roving eye to "Zero Visibility" for any other pet.

My speech is "Thick as Pea Soup"
When asked to explain what loving you means. . . . .
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Darlene that was a beautiful poem!
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Susan; Have you written other poems (Haiku or not) ? If so, please post another one. I don't want this Forum (I helped name) to die out. This goes for all the other "Talent" out there. . . .RedheadHon, AlexNell, Hissy; where are your poems and stories, guys? I will do my part too. . . . I PROMISE!!!!!
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I loved your Haiku poem..
I tried writing them and boy it can be hard at times. Finding the right words and syllables. Great job!!!

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