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My Cat

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Im new to this.

My cat is an eight year old all black DSH that I adopted from a humane shelter a month after losing my cat Cassie to cancer.
Misty (Mistletoe) was accepted into the shelter when she was five weeks old and I had to teach her to bathe herself. Should have done a video!
She was stung 5 times at once by a yellowjacket and survived - does require her to be on medication.
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Welcome to TCS!!!

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Welcome to the site! Misty sounds like a special little girl, with a special owner to take such good care of her.
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Poor Misty!
Did that wasp get its just deserts?
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Welcome to TCS to you and Misty.

Congrads and a thank you for taking her in at such a tender age.

Sorry to hear about Cassie. RIP dear.
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Welcome to TCS. Poor ole'Misty, glad shes got such a caring owner
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Welcome Katie and Misty

Poor Misty, one sting is bad enough, but five!!
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Welcome to TCS
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