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something funny on her chin

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Hi, I haven't been on these forums for a while now all tho i was planning to post some recent pics of my cute kitty now that she's setled with me and all grown up.

Before i do that tho...she has a little problem and i was hoping some one might have an idea of what it is....

...well, About a week ago i noticed something small and strange on her chin, it didnt look like much and i asumed it was just a small piece of dirt or something that she'd get off soon enough.

I hadn't looked at it closely at the time and wish i had now. She kept scratching her chin an awful lot more than usual and the other evening i decided to make her stop and i checked it out, only when i did the 'thing' had gone and there was a small amount of blood coming out...it soon stopped bleeding and she seemed perfectly happy...no pain or anything...i decided that perhaps she'd just scratched it too much and it would heal.

But now theres a little bald patch where the thing had been with a tiny red dot in the centre, it also looks like there's another one right next to it...but i'm not sure if thats just where she's been scratching so much...

Any one have any ideas as to what it could be..? she's a house cat so it couldnt be any kind of flees could it?!?
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It sounds like one of 3 things to me: Feline acne, ringworm, or an allergic reaction to a plastic food bowl. If you are feeding in a plastic bowl, suggest you change it over to glass or ceramic and it may clear up by itself. If it's something else, the only way you will truly tell what it is, is thru a skin scraping exam by your vet.

You could try washing the area with mild soap and water (cotton ball). It doesn't sound like an vet emergency, but I would definitely keep an eye on it.
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thanks for replying.

She's had the same food bowl since we first got her, it is plastic but we've had her and the same bowl for six months,(eek it seems like forever! )

I dont know much about ring worm..? are there any other signs for it?

if it doesnt get any better or if it does get worse i will take her to see the vet.

It seems she's stopped scratching her chin as much and hardly at all now, so i'm hoping it's something slowing clearing up.
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I think it might of just been a kitty pimple, my 14 year old gets those, don't think it is something to worry about but if it gets worse the you are correct about going to the vet. Good luck!
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Kitties really should eat out of glass or stainless steel bowls- feline acne is pretty common in cats who eat out of a plastic dish, from my understanding.

My moms cat ate from a plastic bowl for years before developing feline acne, and once she changed to a steel bowl, and cleaned him up with a special soap from the vet, it went away and never came back.

Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures of her :rainbow:
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My kitty has the same problem. At first the vet diagnosed it as kitty acne. She would scratch until it bleed and it just seemed to last a long time w/o healing. She was put on steroids. This was the cycle for many years. It would come and go with frequency.

Then we moved to another state and we had found a kitty dermatologist at a emergency vet clinic. (really!) Turns out she has allergies. She was allergic to the perfume in the kitty litter! At least that is what we had determined after changing the cat litter to unscented. I still believe she has another allergy because she will "breakout" every so often - but it is more like once every year or two. The kitty dermie prescribed periactin and she takes that for it ONLY when it acts up. And then it is only half a pill twice a day for 7-10 days. I crush half the pill and mix it with her food since it has such a bitter taste - sometimes a SMALL amount of tuna as a treat. It is inexpensive too - only about $5 per occurrence.

I live in NJ if you need to bring your kitty to a dermie I can recommend the place. My email is dvanguilder@yahoo.com Pls use the same subject line otherwise I'll delete it. Good Luck!
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thanx for all your replys

I'll post a pic of the problem tomorrow and see if you still think it could be acne......i'm in england tho so i'm off to bed now!

I'll also post some cute pics off her just doing what she does best....being cute!
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ok, Here's the pics of her chin. There not that clear but hopefully it might look familiar to someone!...

Hope the pics not too big!
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Maybe your kitty has sunburn, windburn or snowglare injury on her chin. My cat , kisses has a bigger one on her forehead, I just got back from the vet. He said cats and other animals that are white have a hard time with those conditions cause of the lightness of their fur and skin under it. He gave us an ointment for it , it should be better soon. Hopefully your cat will too, let us know if she is better. hootiecat
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Since your little girl is eating out of a plastic bowl, I would guess feline acne. My little guy had a breakout when we had to keep him in a plastic e-collar. It kept rubbing against his chin, and pretty soon... a little breakout. I think that changing bowls would help it clear up.

Good luck (=
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Not the best picture, but my vote is for feline acne. Switchover your food bowl to either glass or ceramic and take hydrogen peroxide and a cotton bowl and *gently* scrub the chin twice a day (after eating is best)
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