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Sibling Fighting and ....

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We have two cats, Jack and Jill who are brother and sister. They will be 3 yrs old in March. They are both large cats, Jack being very big, ~20# and Jill weighs in at ~ 13#. They are both indoor house cats, declawed in the front and have free reign of a rasied ranch house. There are 4 people in the house too(2 adults, 6 year old and an almost 1 year old). They have or seemed to have adjusted to the baby pretty well. They don't run at his sight or sound anymore.

They have two of their own beds (living room/my bedroom) which they use as well as some of the furniture including my bed. They are not allowed in the kids rooms too much since they like to steal small toys and socks (very dog like).

Here is the problem...they fight something awful at times. Pretty much everyday! Mostly it is Jack picking fights with Jill but sometimes Jill will antagonize Jack. Jack seems to want to play more and Jill can't be bothered with him so she hisses and swats at him which just gets him mad. They sound like wild cats growling at each other. We have actually found tufts of fur all over the kitchen.

Recently we have also been finding "poop" on the floor in different rooms. They have one large oversized litter box downstairs in the laundry room that is always open. HELP!

I don't know what to do. I don't know why they would all of a sudden be leaving their "presents" for us upstairs in the living room (on the rug, on the 1/2 wall (yes wall) around the stairs and in our bed room on the rug on the floor).

My husband is about to throw them outside...and I am not too happy either

One last thing....they are very loving good cats, love to snuggle with us and sleep right next to me. They will actually sleep together as well and be all lovey dovey with each other at times.

Any suggestions?
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Have you thought of trying the flower essences? I had two siblings for awhile and the male was getting really agressive toward his sister. So I tried the Bully formula and it did seem to help.
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Sibling rivalry is normal. I'm breaking up fights with my 2 boys a few times a night. Its usually over a toy or a stare or who's going up the stairs first! Could 1 of the cats be sick? Thats another reason for fighting.

As for their presents, they're telling you something. Is the litter scooped daily? Have you changed litter recently? Can you add another box? The rule of thumb is 1 box per cat + 1. Again, could 1 of the cats be sick? Cats are usually good about usiong their litter.

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PS...have they been neutered/spayed??
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Yes, they are both "fixed". I did think that maybe we should try putting in a 2nd litter box and see if that helps.

I did call the Vet but they have not returned my call yet. I wish I knew which one was leaving us the "presents".

Is the flower essences the stuff you spray that they don't like? I just don't know where I should spray it? It is not just one spot.
What is the bully method?
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I'll bet that Jack has attacked Jill when she was on the littebox. She is now too frightened to sit and concentrate on the box, so she is chosing to potty in a place where she can see whether Jack is coming and can easily escape if she needs to. It would be very wise to add a second litterbox upstairs so that Jill doesn't have to chance being attacked in the laundry room.

Also, when cats are stressed, they often develop illnesses that can lead to inappropriate peeing and pooping. So, please take your cats to the vet and tell the vet what is happening. It could be that a round of medication will stop the potty problem.

Please click here to read about how to stop inappropriate pooping.

Please, please, please do not put declawed cats outside. This would be a sure death-sentence. If you or your husband are not willing to make the changes needed to help the cats, please find them a new home.
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Thanks for your suggestions....

first of all though....don't worry the cats are not going outside! I know better with declawed kittys and even with kittys with claws. They are house cats! As much as my husband may threaten he still loves them!

I wonder if he has attacked her there? I think I will try the 2nd litter box. I will also call the vet again tomorrow.
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Originally posted by KathyI
don't worry the cats are not going outside!
Phew! I am so glad you guys really love your cats!
Make sure you read the link I put in my last post. It has lots of other great ideas about pooping problems!

By the way....welcome to TheCatSite!
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