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What sort of music do you enjoy?

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Hi,I love Simon and Garfunkel,not just as a duo,but also as individual singers.I also like Queen,but I think getting older has mellowed my musical taste,so I really don,t listen to them as much,Simon and Garfunkel are much easier on the ear

I,d love to know what sort of music you all like!

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I love S&G too. My Dad, who was a professional photographer, took pictures of them when they first appeared. When he told me their names I thought he was joking (my father was somewhat of a prankster). Anyway, I like Queen as well and thought Freddie Mercury was hot. I also like AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Enya, Jim Brickman, George Winston and alot of piano music. I also like the Beatles. Not bad for a 48 year old broad. I do HATE any kind of rap whatsoever, and anything these young kids today describe as music. Gives me a headache.

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Good jazz and blues & all the oldies 50's - 60's and some 70's (not the 80's)
Throw in some classical music once in a while and I am a happy camper!
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You all will probably think I'm just young and dumb, but I'm a huge car audio freak, so anything that has lots of bass I like. But I'm not like these kids that go around pounding their systems just to annoy or try to impress people (I'm 22, but feel like I'm 60 some days:tounge2: ) I use my system for MY enjoyment, and most of the time it is used on my way to work, which is a 40 minute one way drive. Anyway, back to the original question, I listen to lots of different types of music. Anything from country to classic rock, and heavy metal to rap (please don't give me any trouble for these two ). But my favorite music would have to be the classic rock, like ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, and the like.

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Hmm seems I'm a bit out of place here My musical tatses are a bit different I'm afraid. I like mostly Alternative music such as GreenDay, Linkin Park, CrazyTown, Eve6 etc. With some Industrial thrown in (ie. Nine Inch Nails ). Not exactly classical music, huh?
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Originally posted by Melissa
Hmm seems I'm a bit out of place here My musical tatses are a bit different I'm afraid. I like mostly Alternative music such as GreenDay, Linkin Park, CrazyTown, Eve6 etc. With some Industrial thrown in (ie. Nine Inch Nails ). Not exactly classical music, huh?
I feel the same way. I like most of those bands too .

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S&G..definitely, Paul Simon in his later works,Bobby Seeger,Stones,Rod Stuart,etc,etc. Some country,some blues,cajun and acadian,celtic rock,bluegrass..throw in bolero,beethoven,bach and a few other old masters. RAP????? AWWWWWW!!!

Now big D..chill!!!!!
While your ears do get they fill
Of the latest kinda noise
From KF and his boys!!

T&T they chase de mouse
All aroun' da KF's house..
Up de stair an den back down
Mousie's feet make da Rappin sound!!

Cats de natchrel rappin crew
Watch em walkin like dey do.
They jus nat-u-relly cool..
Jus like dis ol rappin fool!!

When you say NO Stinkin'RAP..
You dissin all dose Cats
So maybe in Yo House
You gonna find a little Mouse and mouse and mouse and mouse!!!!

Peace!!!!! MEEEEEOWWWW!!!!

:foot: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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I can honestly say that the only music that gives me a headache is gang rap and elevator music. I am partial to Modern Rock but I also enjoy classic rock(Led Zepplin,Janis Jopilin etc),House/Dance music,some top 40,heavy metal and last when I am in the mood country.
Dan, I am just as guilty as you are. I am not out there to impress anyone. I am 26 and the first thing I did to the car is put in 4 new alpine speakers, 8inch tube, crossover and amp. Next on the list is some sound padding for the trunk. I will admit there is nothing better than Metallica at this level on any given day
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My tastes include all of those mentioned, with a slight leaning toward classic rock.
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Kittyfoot: Bwahaha!!! That was pretty good. Hehe.

Sandie: I didn't think there would be someone else on here that was into car audio. Cool.

I'm not into most of this new rap that's out these days. I'm into the older stuff, like from back when I was in high school (over 4 years ago. Man I feel old )

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OK - now I have to confess - I don't like a lot of my son's type of music - but I love driving his Firebird with those speaker things in the back and put my old rock music with great bass on! LOUD!!!
Then the innermost confession - I love the Metallica Black Album - even listen to that on tape on my Hyundai - the not so cool car!
KF - if rap was like that tune you played on here I would listen to that too!
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First off just let me remind you that I'm a 16 year old girl. :blossom:
Now on with the show!

I LLLooovvveee the Backstreet Boys, but NOT N'Sync!!! I like Jewel, Merril Bainbridge, and Janet Jackson, but NOT Brittney or Christina. I also enjoy Eve 6(and not just because they're named after a X-Files character,) Pink, Creed, and Moby. I'll listen and enjoy just about anything except hard rap or hard rock, although I kind of like Eminem, but I especially like listening to the oldies station. My favorite oldie is "They're Coming to Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV(if you've never heard of it just ask).
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Here we go... now to scare all of you. Just by looking at me, you can probably tell what I like. I like punk rock. Misfits, Decendents, New Fould Glory, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Flag... ect. Just to clear up what I look like, I have tattoos and piercings and all that fun junk. I have short black hair that is spiky yadda yadda yadda, I can just show you a picture. This is me:
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Thankyou all for replying,I,ve been listerning to Simon and Garfunkel,while I,ve been doing my mountain of ironing,hearing them helps with the bordom of ironing,its my least favourite job!!
If Jenna(kittylove)my youngest daughter sees a picture of Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel,she says,hey mum,heres a picture of that old man you like,I just have to laugh,Jenna sounds so funny

I also like John Denver,Annie songs is so moving,and The Human League,they are from the 80,s.

I can see you like a great variety of music,I,m affraid I don,t like rap music,maybe its me getting older.


post #15 of 29 musical tastes are a bit different, I think....but I like what I goes....

I love disco! Especially KC and the Sunshine Band....I think the 70's disco music was so hot!!! And I love the beat!!!!!!!!

I also absolutely love the other 70's rock music, like Eagles, Zepplin, etc....

I love Classic rock like ZZ, Def Leapard, Arrowsmith, etc...

And I like alot of the 80's stuff, like Genesis, Journey, Duran, Duran, etc....

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Debby,I remember Duran Duran and my eldest brother really likes Genesis,Phil Collins is a great singer,my Jenna(kittylove) has the sound track to disney,s Tarzan,its really nice!

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I guess I enjoy that most close to AlloWeyo. I grew up listening to Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Mr. T Experience, Fugazi, and other punk rock junk. But I'm very eclectic, in high school I got into some Hip Hop, techno dance, drum & bass, etc. My husband drives my car so I can't listen to any cd's that often. So when I take his car, it's either really old recorded tapes or 80's for me.
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vlinder - I know I am showing my age here ..........but who are those groups? hehehe (Middle-aged mom here.)
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Social Distortion...havent heard them in a long time...used to play Story of my Life over and over!

My son always tells me I was born too soon, my tastes are more in his age group than my own. (as those who've recieved my cd can tell)

I listen to top 40/mainstream mostly, but love Candlebox, Tool, Eve 6, Matchbox 20, Gin Blossoms, Better than Ezra, Melissa Etheridge, Blues Traveler, Collective Soul, EverClear, Five For Fighting...and on and on..!

Don't care much for classic rock (Eagles, Stones, etc) maybe because I grew up with it and I'm burnt out on it?

my son adores Motown, and I listen to that when he's here...also HipHop and the lighter rap, not too crazy about the rap though.

Still open to trading cd's with anyone who wants to, just let me know!

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do you have 'Mad Season' by Matchbox 20? It's awesome!!

have you heard the new Melissa Etheridge? I just finished reading her book. It was pretty interesting. I could send it to you if you want to read it.
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I don't have "Mad Season", but have heard it many times while camping, my friend Kelly brought her cd...she's a bigger fan than even I am!
I have "Yourself or Someone Like You" though, and play it often...especially "3 a.m."

I never seem to find time to read, so although I apreciate the offer, I'd probably never get around to reading Melissa's book. Thanks though!

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What a fun question! That is what I like about this
site! There are so many fun cat people out there with so many
fun personalities. Music is a universal language so it is said.
I like alot of different kinds of music. I love to sing! I laughed at one of the posts above that said they play their tunes in a not
so cool car! I feel the same way as I have just purchased
a family car - it is a HUGE difference from the sports
car I had! It is hard to be "cool" in it and play "been awhile" by STAIND but hey, I need to settle down, right? (and I can crank it up
when I am driving down a lonely highway! Tee-Hee!
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Debra, I,m the same,yes it must be our age

Whiskerkitty,I like to sing in the bath,but it dose,nt last long,I get a chorus of "Shut up mum,you know you can,t sing"from my cheeky daughters

I,m now going to really show my age,my Queen collection are all on LP,but I still won,t part with them!

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Tee-Hee Aristocat! Singing in the shower! I
like to dance with toddler while singing with the radio to
songs I love!

The new music artists mentioned in above post are some of
the ones I was trying to think of last night.
I am a closet 80s fan-I admit! I'm must be losin' it
(but did I have ever have it to begin with?

What is your favorite song that is out this year?
My favorite track this year is STAIND - "Been awhile".
and the reason is because it has been a very, trying
year for me (some issues). Again, thank goodness I
have a persian to help me get through it all this
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OH!! C'mon Debra you don't recognize any of my groups?? (Just kidding). Most of those guys are now middle-aged themselves actually, but they still tour and kids still love them!!

Bad Religion was my favorite in middle and high school! They were an early 80's punk band that still continues to produce albums 20-some years later! Greg Graffin (the lead singer) is very intelligent! His lyrics, although I don't always agree with, are intelligent in verse. He also happens to be a professor at Columbia University in NY (at least I think it's Columbia, I always get that one and Cornell mixed up). Anyway he teaches Zoology and last I heard he was getting his PhD completed between tours.
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Whiskerkitty!!! I LOVE "Been awhile" by Staind, I heard only that one song of theirs on MTV and fell so in love with it that I rushed out and bought the whole CD, there are several good songs on there! I like the song "Ugly" too, and theres a couple others I can't think of the names of right now....but "been awhile" reminded me so much of myself, and I just fell in love with it!
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They still don't ring any bells! Sorry vlinder!!! But I think you might be speaking of Cornell if you are talking Zoology.
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I know exactly what you mean! The evolution (and cost) of maintaining my music collection has been staggering.

I started out with LPs and 45s. Then the whole collection was converted to 8-tracks. Of course, those became dinosaurs, and I had to repurchase on cassette. Finally, the transition to CD came along. Anybody who thinks I was getting "something for nothing" on Napster is nuts. I've paid for my stuff 4 times over.

Is it any wonder I am not jumping on the DVD bandwagon yet? I can't even imagine replacing all my videos!
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I know what you mean Deb,I really hope video recorders arn,t completly replaced by DVD`s,I have alot of video footage of my girls and a very large video collection of Disney films etc.I think photo albums will also be extinct soon,you can have your photos on a little disc,but I think I will stick to the photo albums

I think I will have to wait to win the lottery,before I can replace my LPS

Whiskerkitty,my favourite song this year so far is by Atomic Kitten,called Eternal Flame,its been done before,but its a nice song

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