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Cat Grass..... HELP!

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Okay, I am growing cat grass for Jeeps and have a couple of questions.

How long does it have to grow before I can give it to Jeepers?

Does it always grow so quickly (I've had it less than a week and it's about an inch and a half long)?

How do I give it to Jeepers, does it stay in the container or do I have to cut it?

Sorry I sound like such an idiot but I lost the packaging and have never grown it before.
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I've thought of doing this for Rosie, so i look forward to the replies.

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after 4 days ours was ready to eat. We just let them chew on it where it was.That reminds me, I should grow more!!!
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Just make sure you grow it in a heavy container otherwise when they pull on the grass the pot goes flying. But yes it sprouts in about days and I put it down for Loki to pluck away at.

Don't forget to water it!
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I just started growing cat grass too!!!! The first pot was too light so I had to start another pot after my cat knocked it onto the floor. It only took my grass 3 days to sprout. I waited for the grass to firmly root itself (1 week) before allowing her to chew off what she wanted. Clipping the grass may be better for the grass. However, I figure the cat will better associate "this is the plant she can chew and call her own", then if I'd cut it and just give her the blades in a bowl. I wanted to grow it because I like growing plants plus it's something the cat actually can enjoy.
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Originally posted by Hell603
Just make sure you grow it in a heavy container otherwise when they pull on the grass the pot goes flying.

Good point! I had to learn that one the hard way.

Mine always dies after a few weeks, no matter how much or little I water this normal, or am I doing something wrong?
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Thanks for your prompt replies. I guess Jeep will be getting her cat grass tomorrow, it'll be a week old by then

Rosiemac- I'll let you know if it goes down well.
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It usually dies after a few weeks or months, depending on the type of grass. I've found cyprus grass lasts the longest, but you have to be careful to get a type where the blades aren't too sharp. Oat grass tends to attract gnats in warm weather, and dies quickly. We usually have two or three pots going at any one time, planted a couple of weeks apart, so that JC has a steady supply.
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I should probably start a series of pots, then. Thanks
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It usually takes about a week, depending on location and how your care for it-
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Anyone have an alternative to cat grass? I have a kitty that is allergic to it. Luna will eat it and a few seconds after, throw it back up so we just give her a cat nip plant, but I'd like to give her something else. Wasn't there like a cat mint or something like that?
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Jugen, I don't know that your cat is allergic to it and thats why she throws it.... I've always been under the assumption that cats eat grass to settle an upset stomach, or to make themselves vomit so what you are seeing is natural...

Maybe I'm confused
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I thought catnip came from the catmint plant...... I may be wrong though
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Rhian , pleased Jeep loved the grass, so i'm going to do it for Rosie.

What size container should it be in, plant pot size or smaller than a litter tray?
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I use a small Square Clay Planter - just make sure it's has some weight to it.
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The one I got was in a container about 20cm x 15cm, because I didn't know any better I left it in the plastic container. Next time I'm just gonna get the seeds and plant them in a small (but heavy ) planter.
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If a cat's tummy is upset, they will seek out grass blades and eat the blades, throw up and feel better.
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Originally posted by jeeperscat
I thought catnip came from the catmint plant...... I may be wrong though
Catnip is called "Katzenminze", literally "catmint", in German, so I've also always assumed the two are identical.
Many people keep bamboo plants for their cats to chew on.
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Kitty Oats grow really fast! I assume all cat grass grows at about the same rate. I recommend that you let it grow to about 3-4 inches long before you give it to your cat. This way the cat does not pull it out by the roots when he eats it. Mine grows for as long as I water it. Is your growing in a container with drainage holes? If not you may be over-watering it if there is no place for the water to drain out.
You can let him nibble on it from the container if the container is heavy enough that it does not tip over. My Sterling likes it better if I cut some off and give it to him that way.
Let me know if you have any more questions about cat grass.
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I have a friend who has lots of grass seeds as she's a keen gardner, so i'm ready to start planting!
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