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When did you put that avatar on your posts?!?! Wow, I always looked forward to your posts, but now I have another reason!

BTW, did you happen to see VH1's Driven on Dale Jr? I saw it last night. It was really good. It ended the year of Sr.'s death when Jr. won the Coca Cola 600. Man, I cried again when they showed that!
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Man...I missed it! I heard it was a real tear jerker though! Hopefully it'll be on again so I can see it!

As for my avatar, I changed it after Dale Jr won Daytona on Sunday. I'm so pumped about this NASCAR season...especially since Jr won Daytona & the Busch Daytona!!! What a great way to start off the season!

Isn't that pic HOT!!!?
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Did you see Dale Jr. on Regis and Kelly yesterday, and on Dave Letterman last night??
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RATS! I missed that too? It figures...I miss out on all the good stuff!

Was he looking mighty fine?
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