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greetings all
i'm new to the list and fairly new to the world of felines. can anyone tell me if there is any correlation between a cat's markings/coloring and their tempermant or behavior. i am interested in a people friendly mouser and am wondering if there is anything I can look for. any help is much appreciated.
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Dear Havana1; Welcome to TCS! For what it is worth, and only from my personal experience, the best mousers and most affectionate cats I have known have been Male Orange Tabbys. I am sure that many other members will have different opinions based on their own experiences. No two cats are the same, and they all have the basic instincts to be hunters (mousers). The compatability (people friendly) factor is something we earn from them; based on how well we respect and treat them. Again, I welcome you to our family of cat lovers and hope to see you here with us often.

TLK and her 6 =^.".^= 's
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Females make the best mousers. Orange cats are usually very loving, mellow and laid-back, Black cats have a bit of spit-fire in them- Black and white cats in more than a 2 cat household will usually take over as Alpha, calicos and torties are usually laid back as well and tabby cats are the most affectionate of them all. I haven't had many white cats, so don't know about them, the ones I have had have been spooky as all get out. But then, I rescue ferals
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Well, I'm not an expert, and I haven't had many cats in my life, but the best hunter and most affectionate cat I had was an orange and white male tabby. He hunted everything, but all he got to choose from were bugs. He'd even hunt and play with the big wolf spiders we have here. They'd bite him on the nose, and he'd go right back at them. He was also the sweetest thing, always wanted to be in my lap.

Now Muffy, on the other hand, is a black and grey tabby and she couldn't be bothered hunting anything. Well, except flies that is; she likes those. But any other bug is just below her. Also, she has a definate attitude. She likes to be in the room with us, but please, not petting or holding.

I think this is just the personalities of the cats, I don't really know if it has anything to do with their colors.
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Log in one more vote for orange tabbies and their good personalities. I have 2. I have heard this opinion from workers at the Humane Society to my vet. Everybody has a thumbs up for orange.
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Welcome to you havana1 - you will LOVE it here.
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Well, my old Rodney is an orange tabby. In his day, he was quite a character. When I was growing up, we had 3 other cats besides him. All were orange males. Although they were different from one another, all had good personalities.
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I have a brown tabby and a tortie. My tabby is more loving and affectionate than the tortie. My tortie will seek out some affection from me once or twice in the evening but my tabby will be all over me 4 or 5 times an evening. My tortie isn't 'unaffectionate' but she isn't as loving as my tabby.
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Isn't that odd? My most affectionate and a good mouser besides was a HUGE male orange tabby with a white bib. He'd let me use him for a pillow and just purrrrrrrr and purrr. At one point in his life, an oppossum found it's way into our house. It wasn't pretty. Simba ripped his throat out. He'd also frequently bring us "presents" of mice/junebugs/chipmonks/waterbeetles to the back door when he went outside. He was the absolute most affectionate cat who has ever owned me. He was a lap baby and a snugglebug. I miss him to this day, but this Spring, I was blessed with not just one, but TWO male orange and buff tabbies. They're still kittens, so they aren't quite into hunting anything bigger than a housefly (which they do), but they're also snugglebugs and lap kitties. The only other cat I've ever had that came close to being as affectionate was a blue eyed white doll-faced persian I had as a child. My grey tabby is a good hunter, but he's nowhere near as affectionate as my orange babies.
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I am not sure you can associate markings to behavior...

My personal experience tells me just one thing: I have always found ladies cat more affectionate then the males...

Mousers: I have one tabby and one black cat that are great mousers ( and they also love birds, lizzards etc...)

Another tabby only catches insects... especially the crunchy species (yarghhh...)

And I have a great lady cat (Cleo) black and white that never, ever did catch anything.... beside my hair, little paper balls and some old flies...

Once upon a time I had a black and white, very funny, very affectionate but not a mouser...

I remember also an orange cat (male), a real beauty but not very affectionate...

For people that want a new kitten, and if you can choose: Always choose the more dynamic of the litter... it has always worked for me

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Dear Havana1 :angel2:

Welcome to the CatSite...I'm sure you'll get many of your questions answered here. As for this particular one, I guess in my own experience, I've found that my Opie who is an orange tabby is one of the best hunters around...not that I condone it! However he's quite a spectacle to behold when he's doing his "cat" thing! :laughing:

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more of you here!

Love, Peace &
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