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Chicken Soup for cats?

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I've seen a few posts about chicken soup for cats. Is it something you can get at the pet store, or do you make it? Lucy has had a lil cold for the past few days (I hear her sneezing) and I'd like to give her some (of course the others will make sure they get their share as well ).

Also, is canned chicken gravy good for cats, my kitties always lick up the gravy from their cat food first, sometimes they just eat the gravy and leave the rest.

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Chicken broth is fine for cats.. not chicken soup ( I wouldnt think ) and Grapefruit Seed Extract could help her with a cold, but if she's got runny eyes and runny nose as well as the sneezing she might need antibiotics.
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www.chickensoupforthepetloverssoul.com is where you can learn about this super premium brand cat food. Remember, if you baby acts lethargic, is eating any less or changing litter box habits, get her to the vet right away!
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My cat loves home made chicken soup. He eats the broth with some chicken with it, but not the rice I use for the soup.
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My cat's were on Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul. I switched them back over to Natural Balance, they do so much better on it. My two favorite foods are Chicken Soup and Natural Balance!
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I've been feeding my cats Chicken Soup for 3 weeks now. They really like it and its the only premium food they have ever liked. Coats are shiny and less litter box waste.
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