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Update on Doku..

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Well she was spayed at 2:00 pm today, it is now almost 7. We got home about 30 minutes ago, I was going to try and keep her in my room to watch over her but that has already failed. All she wants to do is walk around, but the problem is that her front legs want to move, and her back legs are thinking otherwise. She is very groggy. The anasthesia they used had hallucinogens in it and she is definately seeing things. So I tried to put her back in her cage with a little bit of food and water, but she kept nosing the door and wouldn't lay down. So now I have put blankets and sheets down on the bathroom floor for her and she is now in there...

Does anyone know what else I can do to help her get along?
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You're doing good what you're already doing, keep it up. It'll take a few more hours to wear off. Just make sure she doesn't worry the wound and open it up. Put some more of your worn clothing/her blankies in there so she's comforted by your scent.

Mozart was just as wobbly after his surgery, and he would not be still and wanted out. I figured out that in his case, he was very anxious that everything was still where it should be, and that he was home. Once he did that, he settled down to rest. But that's not every cat.
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It's good that you are keeping her in the bathroom. It's important that she doesnt try to jump on things or chew at her stitches. I have heard a gruesome story of a cat that had just gotten spayed and jumped up some drapes or something and her stitches came apart and so did her insides She didnt make it. Not trying to scare you but just make you aware that anything could happen. She'll be fine in a few hours I'm sure!
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Yeah, they said she needs to be kept warm since she can't regulate her body temperature. She has no stitches, they used skin glue, but just the same she needs to leave it alone! Thanks!
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Wow... skin glue!
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Doku has probably calmed down a lot now by the time you read this. I know how you feel though, i had a nightmare with Rosie. As wobbly as she was, she was jumping on top of the TV,and would hiss at me when i carefully brought her down,in fact she did'nt know what to do with herself, and trying to keep calm so as not to stress her out more!!.

You are doing the right thing though, the main thing is keeping her warm, and not letting her touch her wound.

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Yeah, I am hoping she slept last night because she was very unwilling to lay down. She wouldn't eat hard food, so we gave her a bit of wet, she licked it and maybe took a tiny bite. She is so sunk in from not eating, it looks horrible. I also feel bad making her stay in the bathroom, it is heck trying to go in there to check on her, Toby one of the dogs is so concerned he always tries to open the door and come in to see her, so I have to lock him away, and Neko because he knows there is wet food he wants in to eat it. Do you think I can put her in my room now? Or should she stay where she is?
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When we had Amber spayed, they used the skin glue also. They knew Amber would pull the stitches. But, they did stitch her inside with the type of stitches that just disolve after a while.
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Yeah, this place works with a lot of ferals so they were thinking the same as your vet most likely! She still won't eat though, I gave her some ham baby food as long as the can and dry food. She doesn't want it I am warming up a blanket in the dryer for her and I have a portable heater in my room as well. She has left her belly alone for what I know, she is sleeping under my bed but it is close to the edge so I can touch and see her.
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I she doesn't start eating soon, I would check with the vet to make sure she is ok.
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Yeah, I just gave her a little bit of tuna and she ate some and went back to bed. So hopefully she will be getting her appetite back soon. Thanks!!
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Originally posted by chixyb
She is so sunk in from not eating, it looks horrible.

My girls always had the sunk in look after they were spayed, I always assumed it was from the ovaries being removed.

Sounds like she had a stronger reaction to the anasthesia than my cats did. I agree, you should check with the vet if she is still affected by it.
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