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This website always blows me away

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The photos are extraordinary!
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WOW! You can say THAT again. They are positively gorgeous.
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pretty cats! and yes they are very photogenic.
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Oh M.A. do you have to tease me
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Hissy, you've got that right! I'm completely blown away by the great pictures & the website in general. Who ever designed that did a excellent job! I can definitely "feel" the love that they give to those animals (cats, dogs & horses!)!
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Look at the Photo Bloopers , so cute .

I try to link but the link don't work
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OMG are they ever extraordinary.
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OMG! That makes me want a bengal even more!
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What gorgeous cats!
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Gorgeous pictures!!- I love the cat named 'Waterfall'
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Very nice! The cats on there are beautiful!
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Wow! Wish I could take nice pictures like that!
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Thanks for the link. Its amazing how similiar some of the faces are to Sasha's. Its erie to look at them.
Great photography!
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Those photo bloopers are the absolute funniest, I love that site, thanks!
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oh boy, they are such great pics!
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hehehe love the bloopers!!
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Beautiful pictures. Loved the bloopers. it's obvious how much they love their cats. I really liked the show pics with the little boy, you can see how much he cares for the kitten. The rescue link is nice, too.
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Oh my gosh, the cats are soooooooo beautiful. What a lovely site!
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Loved seeing that first picture on the 'home' of that website. How cute to see the beautiful mom and darling kitten
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Those photos are gorgious! (Makes me sooooo want a digital camera )
The kitties are also beautyful! Bengals is one of my favorite breeds
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Wow! You are right! That site blows me away, too! What a wonderful site to share, MA!!!!!!!!!!
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Now I really want a Bengal!
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