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I'm Baaaacccckkkkkk

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Hello fellow feline mums and dads I am back from my holidays in New York City and Seattle - I had the MOST awesome time ever. I just love New York, I went shopping - sheesh I never thought that this was possible I went to Bloomingdales and no word of a lie I was there for 5 minutes and I spend US$175 on 5 cosmetic items (I hope I look like a supermodel now :laughing2 ) I went to loads of great restaurants and I did site seeing and I walked and walked until I thought my feet were gonna drop off and then I walked some more!!!!!!

Then I was in Seattle visiting my aunt - I sailed and went crabbing and saw friends and went to some bars (every night) and i just had a great time.

All said and done thought I loved my holiday but I am glad to be home and sleeping in my bed. The kitties were pleased to see me and although I had my daily update of how they were doing the missed me like mad (full of myself aren't I? LOL) well I know they did because they both took to pooping and peeing outside their litter box and on my curtains and in the bath tub and well....basically any where were they thought fit - but all is okay now and I came home bearing gifts and guess what? they did not ignore me at all - in fact it was like they were happy I was home and they climbed all over me

So how was everyone while I was away I bet I missed heaps so I got some catching up to do these next few days reading up on all the posts etc. I do hope that everyone is okay
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Welcome Home, Amanda!
Hope you enjoyed your holiday. It sounds like you had great fun! HEY, I did not get my postcard from the Empire State Building. (LOL) AND You did not call me. . . . Oh, well; there is never enough time to do "Everything" on vacation. If you flew from New York to Seattle you a least pased over me here in MO. I will have to be happy with that!

What did you miss? Well; Anne is home and doing fine and baby is growing and coming along and Anne has a lap top so she can check on us and still rest.
Cassie and Craig are moving out of the "Scary" city this weekend and lots of members have had new kittens and Niles (the bunny) survived his neutering and Sandie and Rene and Michele and Tigger all had cats that took home honors at the latest Cat Show and there are only 5 left in the BBII house and blue is in love (drippy and drooly but wonderful
Deb25 is back at school and , so far,
Hissy's place is untouched (thank God) by the Oregon fires and Mr.Cat is "flirting with the authorities" and considering adopting another cat and, and, and I can't remember it all so you'll just have to do some heavy reading, okay? :dali:
Anyway, glad you are back, and don't worry about what you miss trying to catch up just come on back and tell us about your "shopping". (Did you go to China Town in NYC ?)

Oh, Oh, Oh, I almost forgot; AP bought a new pair of designer boots and she is accepting suggestions on her new TCS title name. (the two are unrelated. . . . . or are they???)
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Welcome back to the ME !

I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday and I hope the cats will get over it soon...

I'd love to see some pics if you can get them scanned
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Welcome back Amanda. Sounds like you had a wonderfull time. New York City. WOW! I have never been there but would love to see The Big Apple some day.
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Welcome back! I just had to reply to this one. It brought back some very funny memories for me. Years ago I had a friend from NZ. She had met and married a friend of my husbands. Every time she came to the States prior to marriage she would insist on shopping. She thought it was so awsome that she could buy things like Nike,Levi's,Guess etc when she came over. She said they were so cheap compared to home. She could never wait to get home and show off the things she had bought. She also used to make funny remarks like, "How do you eat these things, it looks like dog chow". She was making refrence to some of the canned food like refried beans..LOL. She used to search the stores until she found vegimite (YUCK)!
Never the less, she married him and moved to the States for good. Then she decided she missed home so much that she left hubby to go back. I guess no matter how wondeful a place is, there's no place like home.
It sounds like you had a wonderful time here. Now if we could all just have a great vacation like this every year we might just be a little less cranky
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Welcome Back!

if you get time I would love to hear more about what you did while you were in NYC and Seattle!

I think 3LK did a wonderful job in catching you up on what you missed
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Welcome back Amanda!

I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday. NYC is my favorite place too! Every year my daughter and I take the train from New Haven to NYC and spend the whole day there walking around and shopping (or at least salivating over what we can't afford). I love going into Tiffanys and all the very expensive jewelry stores to look at the HUGE diamonds. The thing that's nice about NYC is we stay and walk till 11 at night, never once feeling unsafe. We always go to dinner before we head back to Connecticut. If it weren't so expensive, I'd probably live there.

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wow thanks so much guys lovely posts

threeleggedkat thanks for the update seems now I have less reading than I anticipated

I have some pictures which I would post but I have forgotten how so if someone can let me know how to do it I would appreciate it

I shopped until I dropped I brought loads of Levi's they are also real cheap compaired to here. I think I came back with 4 pairs of new jeans (well I did have to stock up) and I brought shoes - which I swore to myself I really would not do but well these were sexy little high heeled sandles.

NYC was more about sightseeing and shopping and I can tell you most of the time I was walking around mouth open awed at the sights, sounds and smells (some not so good ) he sights I saw were of course the Empire State Building which I went to the top of...great view. I saw the Statue of Liberty - we (my girlfreind Jennifer and I) did not go to the top becasue she is not air conditioned and walking up stairs for 3 hours in the heat would have probably killed me but we went past her. I went to the Rockafella Centre, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Trump Tower, Bloomingdales, The Gugengenheim (SP?) Museum, Little Italy and China Town.

I also went to this show off-broadway called De La Gardia and oh my god - I am sure that when I explain it to you all you would like to try and get me committed because the show was not about anything really. There were 8 perfomers (4 men and 4 wome) who were on bungie chords, they were flying through the air. Basically the audience was not seated we were standing in this old bank building which was completely dark - there was just one light which at the start of the show was turned off so it was pitch black. There was an articifical (sp?) ceiling and all of a sudden noises like insects started and the actors flew across the ceiling with a light. The there was water sprayed all over the ceiling and it fell in on the audience and the actors came into the crowd and one actor on the bungey chord took a woman and strapped her onto him and sprung up and down and there was a guy (actor) who ripped his pants off so he was bear butt naked (that is all we saw ) then there were women running up the wall and some other actors were dancing on mobile stages which were rolled into different parts of the hall. You never knew where the actors where because they were in the audience walking around. Onw of the guys came up to me and I was wearing a little top adn he licked my rubbed his face into my clevage and sucked my fingers.....I said to him sheesh you are a brave man not even I know where my fingers have been today :laughing: we left there totally soaked as they had water spraying from time to time! it sounds odd but it really was great.

I also saw some rather shocking things which I thought were all made up and things that I would not see. I saw a serious case of road rage the day that I arrived one guy got outta his car and was beating up another driver. I also saw one guy get busted but an under cover cop, he was selling fake watches on the street! I was just totally gob smacked!

Seattle (well a place called Anacortes) is where my aunt lives - she got married that was the main reason I went over there was to attend with wedding. I went sailing a couple of times in a few races which we came 4th out of 16 one night and nearly last the following week. My aunt and her new hubby took me crabbing which was a lot of fun and we managed to catch 6 crabs which we took home and I cooked and cleaned them - pretty horrid stuff but at least I have a stong stomach. I also went to Vancouver for 1 day my sister was also in the states and she flew into and out of Vancouver and that is were she landed, so we went there it was a beautiful day, we stopped for lunch and because I was so interested in my surroundings and not lookign where I was going I managed to trip over fall flat on my face and cut my toe open (luckily not too badly) I was sooooo embarrassed The day that I left Seattle I went to a baseball game - Mariners V's Blue Jays (Canada) it was amazing I totally enjoyed it and now I think I know the rules of the game

Well that was about it, I think I need another holiday to get our the one I have just had...but I can tell you all that i would do it all again I had a wonderful time.

Oh and Anne congrates on the baby I hope everything went smoothly
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Hey Amanda!!!
So happy you're back girl!!! I'm glad you had a great time on your holiday - this should happen more often to everybody shouldn't it!
Love you!
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