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Siamese activity levels

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Do Siamese stay active most of their lives? I have a flame point & he is 1yrs old now. My other 3 cats grew out of their super duper wild kitten stage by his age, but not Balki! But I'm loving his goofy personality though, so I'm actually hoping he doesn't grow out of it! He is always bouncing around poofed out, back arched, eyes wide & jumping sideways! He also defies the laws of gravity with his jumping abilites. He never misses a beat. He is very agile.

So I'm wondering what your experience w/ siamese cats are? Do you think Balki will continue to act "goofy" for some time to come?
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My mom had a flame point and he was a hellion his entire life (14 years I believe). He was always running around acting like a crazy kitty, broke a lot of things because he got so big, but never settled down any from the time we brought him home until he left us. He would always lay on top of the fridge and would lean over to smack you in the head when you walked by or would launch an attack from under the beds and coffee tables, but his favorite pasttime was messing with the dog.

That thing of jumping sideways was funny, but when he got to be about 16-17 pounds it was a bit scary LOL
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They are one of the most athletic of the breeds, and yes, they stay fairly active all the time. Exercise with interactive toys will help-
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One of my Siamese passed two years ago. =( When the two where together more active. Now that my other Siamese is about 6 she is less active...even with the three other youngins in the house! She still runs and plays just not as Crazy as before! But she is the most vocal of the group.

Get him a playmate and it will help. He is beautiful!

=) Dorina
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