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Howdy, ho ,hey..

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Hello people,
I wanted to take the opportunity to say hi to everyone, and to tell you that I found this site just today and I am already really freaking excited! I can't hardly believe that I'm just now stumbling upon this site.. I'm hoping that it's easy to go about meeting others here who are as feline friendly, or should I say devoted, as me and my girlfriend are. And now back to reading thru old posts and exploring the rest of this place.
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Welcome Dave! Your enthusiasm in contagious- it is nice to see you land here. This is a nice place!
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To TCS and enjoy your stay
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Howdy, howdy. Now as soon as I can get pics of my kiddies up here. Wouldn't you know I'm a bit daft with this kinda thing. Anyway, thanks for the welcome..

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Hi all,

I'm new here too -- well, actually, I think I was here a long time ago, and sort of forgot to visit regularly! Sorry!! Happy to have rediscovered the site, and I plan on stopping in often.

I'm in Maryland (where I sometimes suspect there is a limit on the number of computers allowed, since I hardly EVER find new cat-lovers online who are in Maryland :-(). I've been a caretaker of cats for many years, just personally passed the half-century mark, and I love working with cat behaviors, reading and learning more about cats, and helping other people understand cats better. I am particularly fond of feral cats, and in improving their lot in life, so you'll find me most vocal over in the Rescue section and the Feral and Stray cats threads, I expect.

Nice to be here, and I hope I can make myself useful.

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I come here EVERY DAY. I think I'm addicted!


I'm a "neighbor" in Virgina. Glad to see more people who work with Feral Cats on these boards...we can certainly use your wisdom!!

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Welcome Dave in Nebraska and Linda in Maryland!
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Welcome to the site Dave! I'm always happy to see another male around who appreciates cats. Our male population has grown quite a bit in the past few months, so you are definitely not alone. Can't wait to see pics of your fur-kids.

And welcome Linda as well! Like Katie said, we are always happy to find another of us who is dedicated and passionate about ferals.
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Welcome to TCS to both Dave and Linda along with their respective families.
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Welcome to the site Dave and Linda, it's nice to have you here
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Welcome Linda and Dave and of course all your fur babies
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Welcome to you both.

We have a very nice member here from Maryland called Pamela with the two sets of twins.

Hope you guys enjoy it here.
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Hi and welcome Dave and Linda

Looking forward to seeing your babies.
It is addictive, i've put 2 orders on the computer since 8.45 this morning, and it's now 11.20!!!

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Yeah, I saw Pamela's posts -- always feels good to know there's even ONE other person "out there" helping! I've met a lot of cat rescuers in the past 5 years or so, and the wonderful thing is, I keep hearing/reading/learning of more people who at least DO care! It's just that not much is posted on the web by Marylanders. It's funny.

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Hello and welcome!!!
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Welcome from minnesota..... I too think this site rocks and every one here loves cats dogs etc.....
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welcome i love it here!!
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