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Illinois Foster cats

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I've taken in my newest "batch" of foster cats this weekend and what a bunch they are. There is the most beautiful dark tortie female named Sweet Pea who is a lover and a half!!! I put her down in the cat room, opened the cat carrier and she came out purring. She immediatly jumped into my lap and gave me headbutts and lots of love-nudges. She is unbelievable!!! Her picture is attached.

I also have a black male with very small patches of white on his chest and belly. He looks like he was pretty badly beat-up at some point as he has scars and one eye doesn't seem right, but they sure didn't get his personality. He is also a lover and took a whole 1/2 hour to come out and say hi to me. Now, he's a lap sitter and purr-machine just like Sweetpea. He loves tummy rubs and is totally trusting; go figure. I've named him Alex.

Last, but far from least, is an orange and white tabby with the roundest head you've ever seen (possibly british shorthair). He's very handsome, big and very sweet. He was slower to come out, but once he did he was as sweet as can be. I was told that he didn't like his back-end rubbed, but, of course, I tried and he was just fine. I pet him all over last night and he LOVED it.

Sweetpea is listed on our site:


The other two will be up within the week.

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aaaaw! That all sound wonderful. I hope they find great permanent homes soon.
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OMG what a beautyful girl Sweet Pea is
But then ....
Just to name a few of the beauty's . How can you not want them
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Oh believe me, I do want them all. We considered keeping Sweetpea, but she's just not the right personality for our Scott. Scott is VERY active and I think he'd drive her crazy.

Most people think that it would be hard to let them go, but it's not. I LOVE to see them go to good homes.

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What an angel you are for fostering.(And that goes for the rest of you foster mums and dads!).

Their gorgeous.

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