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Sam, I am so glad you are OK! I was more and more worried reading this thread, boy, was I glad to see your post!
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Am I so late here or what? Anyway, Sammy, glad you guys are ok and nothing got cut off!

Very neat siggie.
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Thanks again guys. Wele we had a day of fine(well fine-ish) weather and today it's back and it's even worse than the other day.

Please keep the people from wellington in your prayers!!!
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It's great to know you're doing well Sam! I hope that weather vastly improves for you.

I too have been inundated with rain and more rain. First we copped the rain from a cyclone, (hurricane/typhoon), that blew itself out. Then more came during the weekend. Then one and half days of sunshine and more rain yesterday and possibly hail too.

If we get anymore, we're going to flood! My driveway became so slippery and puddles were forming. And for the first time I had a pond in the backyard. It's still there.

PS: Rain or no rain, my honeymoon is still going to be over in NZ!!
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The weather is much better in NZ at the moment. Seems like the worse of it is over. However I can't be on TCS for a few days at most a few weeks, because mum and I are trying to find another place to live, just went things started improving it all turned to muck again. Please please keep us in your prayers.

Love you all.
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Oh no Sam! Good luck with the house search. Hope you aren't gone from TCS too long!
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Crap, Sam, sorry to hear that. So soon. Good luck to you and your Mum in finding another place really quick. We'll miss you while you're off.
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Thanks guys, we're still looking but I've got a bit of free time for TCS tonight.
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