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Does your cat open cabinets?

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I didn't think about this until lately, because I just moved, but my cats like to open cabinets, like the pantry or the one under the bathroom sink, and curl up in there to take a nap. At my old place I had to put those child resistant latches on all the doors to keep them out. Oh well, back to Wal-Mart I guess.

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Does this answer your question? Her is my boy getting ready to open the cabinet and yes, I too had to go buy those child proof locks!

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that is funny my cats like to open the closet doors..
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Twig will bang on the fish tank cabinet doors until they open and then he will go inside look around and come right back out again.
Makes NO sense to me but he loves to do it.
We have a sliding door on one of our rooms (honeys catchall room that's never clean!) and he will bang on that until he gets it pushed opened far enough that his fat body can fit thru and he goes in there then when he's done being nosey, he comes back out.
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Not so much cabinet but doors. Loki just sits in front of the cabinet until mom opens them up for a look see. But he is very good at opening closed doors.
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Yep, one of our 2 does it and I also had to put the child locks on. She also opens the sliding doors (pocket doors).
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Yup they do. Onyx also opens doors- he likes to wake us up in the morning, and be part of the goings on in the bathroom if we forget to lock it
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Oh YES! Coco opens the cupboard doors in the bathroom under the sink. We let her stay in there since we don't leave any cleaning products (or anything at all actually), in there. Maybe they like the dark privacy? I dunno, but she sleeps in there quite a bit. That's also her hiding spot for when my brothers puppy comes for visits

Our bathroom door dosn't latch, but if you close it, it stays shut. Unless Miss Pumpkin wants to come in for a visit. She pushes the door open with her head and prances in as if to say "watcha doin' mum?" Then leaves
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Another one here! I've posted in several other places about Ginza's cabinet-opening abilities. The other 3 will wait behind him until he gets them open then they'll go check them out.

Didn't want to put child locks on the cabinets, but figured out an easier fix with the inside catch locks, and they're only 60 cents each. Easy for humans to pull open, but hard for Ginza.

He's also the one that figured out how to open the bedroom door (round knob, not handle), and flush the toilet. Mozart was the surprise, though, he figured out how to slide the patio screen door!!
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Neko always used to open only one of them, we put a lock on it. Then Onyx decided to start opening all the ones with dishes, so he could sleep on the dinner plates. At first it took Onyx a while to open them because they were heavy, so one day I caught him watching how I open them, and once I walked away he went to the cabinet, wrapped his whole paw around the door handle and opened it just like a person would!

Needless to say we went back to wal-mart and bought more locks!!!
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All of mine open cabinet doors, bathroom doors and closet doors. If I don't want them in something, I have to add child proof locks. Some even know how to turn knobs so I depend on locks.

My proudest moment: The day I found Bob Marley (he was probably 6 weeks old and no sign of mom), I brought him in the house and had him on the sofa next to me. He watched another cat go to the closet door in that room, stick his paw near the edge and pull it open. Bob hops down, walks over to the door and tries with all his might to open that door (of course it wouldn't budge cause it was solid wood and Bob was 6 weeks old). He is my worst door opening offender in the house.
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Its funny that this is here because yesterday my cats got into my once child proof cabinet. I was washing dishes and Sally was messing with the cabinet door so I got to watching her to see if my handy work paid off. The latch is one of those that stop the door and you have to push on the lever to get the door open. Sam jumped on the counter and when the door caught, he stepped on the lever and the door opened. They both looked at me with a smirk like "dumb human".

PS: the only things kept in that cabinet are rugs, but I have absentmindedly shut the door with them in there..for some reason they cant open the door from the inside.
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Spyder knows where the catfood is kept and if I don't feed him on time in the morning when I come down there are cans scattered all over the floor!!!
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Mine loves to do it. Especially when I first brought him home. The other three just do it to get my attention. They know where food is kept! =)

He doesn't sleep inside is more inquisitive. Checks it out and he leaves.
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Here too. My Kahli taught her sister, Princess Alexis and Pete to open the cabinets under the sink. Scares the hell out of because I hear movement in there and all I can think of is scorpions. Is there something on the market to stop them from opening the cabinets?
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I would pick up those baby cabinet thingies. I don't have kids so I dont know what they are called. They allow the cabinets to open just a small amount but you have to press and pull to open the cabinet. Probably could find it in walmart/target or a child store.
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Mine doesn't open cabinets yet but they do check them out when they are open though.

Sphinx does know how to open doors......Thankfully he hasn't figured out how to unlock them.
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I've had several guests offer to adjust the doors to our kitchen cabinets, because they don't "hang" properly. Well, there's a reason for that, namely, JC. We put "child safety locks" on the cabinets, and after about a week he figured out how to open them anyway, so we loosened the doors so that they stick. He still manages to open the cabinet where his cat food is kept, though. Yesterday I was online, and heard some suspicious sounds in the kitchen. He had not only opened up "his" cabinet, but also a Tupperware container of dry food, and was helping himself to a snack. The containers I use have a dot in the middle of the lid you have to press to break the air lock, and he obviously has been watching very carefully when I open them. He opens doors, turns the floor lamp on and off, makes phone calls (the manufacturer of our telephone, Philips, was rather intrigued when I asked if there was any way to disengage the redial and conference call buttons), plays with the test button on the printer and the fax machine, and can turn the VCR and stereo on and off. We unplug the DVD player when we're not using it, because I can imagine how much fun he'd have with the little tray that slides in and out! Talk about dexterous paws!
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Yes but it's supposed to be done at 3am right? and to do it right you must first bang the door 4 or 5 times.
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My buddy or Jeese does not open cabinets but, I was in the bath tub one morning and budd likes to be in there with me and I have the handles that you push down and push open.. He was tryin to get in and the next thing I know he opened the door! Now I have to watch him when he want's to get in a room.. B/c he knows he can open the doors!! But, at the same time it's cute too!
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When she was svelter (she's now about 16 pounds, bottom heavy), she used to jump on top of the 8 foot high cabinets and open the doors from above. I'd come home to find certain cabinet doors open.

I have a covered brick that I use to prop the bedroom door open when I'm not home -- they can come and go -- If I shut the door to keep them in my bedroom, Baby will move the brick, thinking that this is what makes the door open.

Ah, cat logic!!

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I've never known a cat that could open drawers, but I did see one of those home video shows that showed a cat that could open doors. The cat would jump up, wrap it's paws around the knob, and then the lower body would swing into the door to push it open!
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What Bud does is Pushes the hande down and just pushes the door open.. He seems to make it look easy for him to do this! LOL.. By the way your cat looks just like my Jesse! But, Jesse has a heart under his chin!
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