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I can't believe that this case hasn't been thrown out of court. Apparently the plaintiff is representing himself, (probably because no lawyer in his right mind thinks he has a case)


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I always thought that cats were legally considered 'wild' like a turtle or a snake, etc which is why you don't have to get a license for them.


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The dog was scratched, not crippled or blinded, so how can this guy claim that he's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? He just sounds litigious. That was perfectly normal cat behavior - the dog was "invading" the cat's territory.
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I'll say the same thing if it were someone in my country- He has $ signs in his eyes!!.
He's probably planning his holiday right now!

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Actually, in many US cities (including mine) cats are required to be licensed, just as dogs are.

If that dog was truly trained to be a service dog, it should have just ignored the cat & given it its space. Service dogs must have a very calm & steady temperament. A scratch from a cat would have been just a minor annoyance, unless the dog was blinded or permanently injured as a result, and it sure doesn't sound like that's the case. Most dogs are smart enough to blink or turn away from a flying paw. This guy probably just hates cats, and wants to get rich from a minor incident.
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Has it really took 3 years to get this far?
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I agree that the dog should have been trained to step back from the cat too.

Jeez...this sounds like the case of the man and woman that sued Mcdonalds for a pickle burning the wife's lip..the man sued for loss of service (go figure), the woman sued for pain and suffering and they won big bucks..stranger things have happened I suppose.
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