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Very concerned about Sugie - I am in tears!

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Sugie went and pooped and peed inappropriately in the house again on the weekend. There was nothing new in the house and no changes at all to her or our routine! John was ready to put her down as he has reached the end of his rope. I talked him out of it (made for a miserable Valentine's day) and convinced him to try the new anti-anxiety pill the vet suggested - Clomapine (sp?). She started it on Sunday and since then she has barely had anything to eat or drink. She hasn't used her box at all since Saturday. Her tummy seems hard. I have a call in to the vet. I don't want to put her down, but we are running out of options to control her. We have tried Feliway, Bach's Rescue Remedy, different meds, behaviourist, box retraining and while it may work for a short time, it never lasts. She used to go months without incidents, now it is ever 2 weeks! I have even tried to find her a new home with no other pets and no children. No one wants her because of her issues. I just don't know what to do anymore! Come on vet - call me back!
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I am not familiar with the drug? But perhaps you can give her a smaller dosage instead of all of it. This poor cat, I know you have literally tried everything you can. It is possible there is a health issue that just hasn't been discovered yet by your attending vet. It is hard to say. My heart just goes out to you, and this cat in this almost never ending struggle for you to find the answers-
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Could it be clomipramine? or clomicalm?
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Originally posted by Aquarius
Could it be clomipramine? or clomicalm?
That is it - thanks! She is only on 1/2 a pill. The vet still hasn't returned my call. He will probably wait until a lull in customers.
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Oh ady, you have my deepest sympathy. I feel so bad for you knowing that you have to deal with this all the time. Poor kitty, something isn't right with her, there's got to be something your vet missed. Maybe another opinion??
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My cat is supposed to be on that medicine, too, but I've been nervous about starting it. I would be interested in hearing how your case works out, even though I don't have any info to offer.

FWIW - my cat's in all kind of trouble with my fiancee because of his bad peeing habit that started when he developed a uti in december. I feel for you, it's bad enough dealing with the pee problem, but the addition of an angry spouse/fiancee really stinks (no pun intended)! At least my cat waited until after Valentine's Day to start up again (we had a nice, weeklong break).
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I'm sorry your cat is having a bad time with her potty stuff. Please vet call back! I hope everything goes well for you and her please keep us posted, Oh if only you lived in the country, maybe she would want to go outside to do it then you wouldn't have such a hard time. hootiecat
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((((((((( ady )))))))))
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I hope Sugie is doing better.

I gave my cat clomipramine last night for the first time, so far, so good. He's a little spacey, and he didn't even get the full dose. My vet gives it to me crushed and mixed with water, which I then measure out 1cc of the solution (shake first!) and mix with canned food, which he didn't finish.

It doesn't look like as much food as normal was consumed overnight, however, I think he eats when he's upset so that's probably a good sign. Perhaps he'll lose some weight (vet says he has early arthritis in his elbow that losing weight might help).

Now, if it will just help the peeing! I hope your situation gets better, I'll let you know if there is any progress with my cat.
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He called back yesterday and told me to take her off the pill for 24 hours. He felt she would pee or poop. As of this morning she hadn't done either. John is taking her to the vet today. He just called to say that she finally peed, but no poop yet. Hope the vet will be able to help her. If he has the same old answers then she will be going to another vet soon.
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Poor Sugie, it must be so uncomfortable for her.

Keep us informed.

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The vet basically called us liars when we said Sugie hadn't peed in 4 days. (She went just before going to the vet). He said it would be toxic it for her. No kidding - why do you think we brought her in. She still isn't eating much and still hasn't pooped since Saturday, but she has peed again. She is currently off all meds until she poops then she will go on a 1/4 pill. I hope that she poops today!
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I am sorry but if my vet called me a liar when it came to the care I give my animals (and the care that I know you give to yours) I would find a new vet!

Have you thought about a cat behaviorist or communicator? If you email me, I will give you the phone number of the gal who helped Raceman- she is in your area-
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Trust me - I am looking for a new vet! I will send you an e-mail for the communicator info. Thanks
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Poor Sugie! I hope she feels better soon! ((((((((HUG))))))))
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I hope you find some answers soon -- you must be worn down with this, and poor Sugie! Perhaps a new vet and/or Hissy's communicator will uncover something useful. Vibes.....
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