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Snickers happy update

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The first thing was to get more fluids into her. I was afraid to pick her up as she might explode

Then the vet OF COURSE wanted to open her up and take a look. I think she is a frustrated surgeon (actually it's probebly the only 100% way to see what is wrong).

Being 15 years old we said no! With that decision made we decided to put her on Prednisone (steroid). To be totally honest I'm not exactly sure what this will do but from what cat people around here say it's almost a wonder drug. However - there are long term effects BUT - Snickers is 15 so there really is no long term.

OK - sorry - coffee taking hold!!

Snick nibbles food last night which is a good sign.

THIS MORNING - she is famished and inhales 2/3 of a can of special Doctor food. She is more alert and stronger and everybody is way way happier.
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Oh what a relief!!! Glad to hear I know how helpless we all feel when our babies hurt!!
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What brilliant news!!. It's lovely to hear something like this.

Keep getting stronger Snickers!!

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Glad to hear the Snickers is doing much better!!

Prednisone often makes them very hungry. Shep is somewhere between 15 and 17 and she has been on it regularly for about 6 months. She has gained about 1-1/2 pounds during this time. The weight gain was good cause she was underweight to begin with and she is now at a normal weight.

I know the long term effects are not really good, but agree, with a very old cat, "long term" can be a very relative thing. We have regular blood work done on Shep to make sure we are not creating any other problems for her. I'm all for quality of life in these special circumstances.
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After reading about 10 websites on Prednisone, the long term problems do not seem to much to worry about.

Snickers was down to 5.1 pounds (6.2 last month and a normal 8ish).

It looks like it is a wonder drug for IBD and wonder why we did not get this earlier??? AND - it's cheap!!!! She is an easy cat to pill so that is another bonus!
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Woo hoo! I'm glad to hear snickers is doing better, and how lucky you are that your cat is an easy piller!
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That's a relief - I'm glad to hear she's doing so much better!
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Same here, I'm so glad to hear she's doing better, and responding positively to the prednisone.
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I'm glad to hear that Snickers is improving!!!
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Well - she is not gottin so good that she is becoming a picky eater and wants here Authority back and is nixing the Chicken Soup for the Soul food.

I guess it's an improvement!
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