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Daily Thread for Tuesday :)

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I am just in here for a very quick check....I´m at my sisters and thought I´d "borrow" her computer for a few minutes, since mine finally gave up the day before yesterday and bas been taken to intensive care I really hope that man will able to fix it, since I dont have money to buy a new one, and I dont think I could be without TCS

I am soon to pick Pollýanna up from her latest op, a very small one this time. They were gonna try to empty the cysts and take a tissue sample to analize.
I am so afraid of hearing any bad news.....

Hope you all had a nice day yesterday, and will have a nice day today!
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Big kisses to Polyanna . . .

I'm at home today as our office server is being installed and internet connection is flakey at best. As my PC died 10 days ago, I'm on my creaky old laptop and its s . . l . . o . . w . .!!!

Our new fridge has just been delivered, I've got one of these side by side jobbies like everyone has in the US . . . It'll make my Texan Au Pair feel right at home which is good!

We've been making do with storing the few consumables we have in the utility room as the interior of the old fridge is at room temperature. At last I can go shopping and buy lots of perishable goodies.

The weight loss is going really well, a combination of Atkins (5 days so far) and lower body toning ring exercises has reaped unexpectedly rapid results. I can now get into my pre-preg white jeans. WoooHoooo!!!!!!

Have a good Tuesday everyone.
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Awwww poor Pollyanna again!.
I'm praying that their won't be any bad news for you both.
Let us know what happens.

My day is going really quick, and i've just been in stiches at a guy at work. To cut a long story short, he married this girl a couple of years ago, who used to go out with his brother!!.

She and the guy i work with had a baby, but he as well as us, thinks it's his brothers, because she slipped up a few times that she had seen his brother.

In a nutshell she's a control freak!, watches everything he spends, where he goes, and wants to know why he does'nt answer his mobile if she rings!!(I'd have strangled her by now!!).

For the last few months, he's been giving me money each week to save up for him, and unknown to her, is leaving for New Zealand in the summer!!.

We all new this marriage was doomed from the beginning. They had "Tragedy" playing in the background at their wedding while signing the register!!.

Honestly, this is not a joke either

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Oooo Susan, that is rather interesting. Moving to NZ eh? Cool! (just had to say that, being a kiwi and all)

Just relaxing here, played volleyball last night - emergency back up

Got to soak my toe in epsom salts - its a little infected but its been getting better with the soaking.

I hope Pollyanna has some good news!

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Good Morning! Hope all the New Zealander's (Wellingtoncats) out there are OK. I heard there was terrible weather last night.

My day is going well, except for having to deal with taxes. Yuck. My accountant says one thing, someone else says another. All I know is I want to pay as little in taxes as possible!

We are having a birthday lunch here in the office for all the February birthdays. I have pizza and cake to look forward to. Yummy!

Hope everyone is well. I'll send some healing vibes to Pollyanna!
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Pollyanna, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news.

Wow, it's been a day already. Came in to an email from my boss-my yearly review was held by the Executive Committee, and there was "good" news and "bad" news. The good news-I got a raise! I can start saving for a house! The bad news is the new Director has everyone shaken up and the Committee is now more involved in the yearly renewal. The bottom line is I have to publish more, but it's OK, we're working on a new paper right now.

I'm ready for the end of the day! I think I'll treat myself to takeout and cuddle with Ivo and American Idol tonight. Hope everyone has a great day!
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Very stressed right now - have a thread in the health forum about Sugie and my stress.

Planning a pizza lunh for work for Friday. Should be fun.

I feel really bummeb today so I don't have much to say. Hope everyone else is having a better day then I am.
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well, today has been a pretty boring day for me... went out with my aunties this morning for tea... oh, all the yakking and stuff... then in the afternoon, we had a short electri cut off... the maintanence ppl were doing some stuff and on a hot day, there was no fan, no tv, no nothing to do.. boy was i bored!!!

i hope pollyanna is feeling better...
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Poor Pollyanna, I hope there is no bad news.
Not doing much here. Finishing cleaning and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.(is anyone ver ready for that? LOL)
Ady, I hope your day gets better, you sound so down...
other then that, not much going on here.
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Just won a bid on ebay for eyelet tools for my scrapbooking. Yay. A real good price.

Have been busy the last few days working on my scrapbook - its coming along really nicely!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Just won a bid on ebay for eyelet tools for my scrapbooking. Yay. A real good price.

Have been busy the last few days working on my scrapbook - its coming along really nicely!
I remember a loooong time ago you posted some pics of your scrapbooking-any chance we can see more? Hint, hint.
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I remember a loooong time ago you posted some pics of your scrapbooking-any chance we can see more? Hint, hint.
LOL Christy - I will have to take some pics of my pages - I have just finally started to get back into it.
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Work was steady today. Harry, my new supe had a sit-down with me. My numbers look good and its nice to have a supe, who actually seems to take an interest. My previous supe is hardly ever there and, when he is, he does very little that I can see. I had been referring to him as "Elvis" because he's so seldom seen.

The temp topped out at 83 today. That warmth felt so good, on my stiff, achy joints.

Got Bill's birthday present wrapped and ready. I'm going to pick up a small cake, on my way home, tomorrow. No candles, even though the smoke detector is disabled. His sisters are liable to pop in and surprise him, too.
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I have been very busy with school and work. I actually just got through doing homework and washing dishes--it's 9:30pm and Zack still isn't home from work...

I just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone--I am going to hit the hay and get some shuteye before the hubby gets home...sweet dreams everyone! Hope everyone is as happy and healthy as can be!
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Well I had a good day, worked well in class and yeh well haven't done much else today. Just having a quick check at TCS before a head off for a catclub meeting...

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It's just one of those days. You know the ones where you start off geting out of the wrong side of the bed! Woke up at 6:30 because my s/o wasn't in it with me. he works nights like I do but useally on my days off he will come home from work and at least come kiss me and let me know he is home. Not this morning. He was sound asleep at the computer. Once he woke up to realize I was up he started working on the computer again, then decided to go to the bank and then to the store. unpon going to the bank I found out that one of my tax returns was in. So needing clothes badly for work I decided I was going to go shopping. I asked Mike if he would mind if I took my mom(whose in town for a few days)shopping with me and he was fine with it......SOOOO I set up to meet my mom at my Brother's house an hour from then. On the way back home from the bank Mike started getting really grumpy. Saying that I ruined his plans for the day and that he had all these things to do and that he needed the truck and what not. But, because it is my truck and my money that pays for it I was going to do what I want to do with it. and it just so happened to be taking myself an hour south of our place to see my mom and spend sometime with her. So I dropped him at home and left. I was on my home from shopping when my cell phone starts beeping at me. I have a text message from him asking me when I was going to be home because he need to plan his evening. First thought in my head is "you can expect me to spend my evenings at home sitting and waiting for your friends to stop calling you and you running them all over the town, But god for bid I do something and you get all upset" So I wrote him back that I was still at my brothers house when I really was only about 20 mins away from home so I went and did some more shopping. I have to wait for him all the time so he can wait for me this time. So after buying a few things for the Kitties at Wal-Mart I text him with what you want for dinner. His response is what time you gonna be home. So I tell him about 30 mins thinking I was gonna stop and get dinner. He tells me he's not hungrey. So I head straight home. I wanted to leave the keys in the ingnition and call him as I was pulling into the parking lot and telling him that the trucks waiting running and he could leave now. But I figured it would be better to tell him to leave face to face then over the phone. So I head up to the apartment walk in the door and he's sulking on the couch in the dark. I flip on all the lights and start putting all my purchases away and then turn to him and tell him that he could take my truck and go play now. He just looks at me and says nothing. Picks up his cell phone and starts texting people and then calls someone and then tells me he is going to the auto parts store. an hour a half later while I was trying to get some sleep before I had to go to work I decided I would call him on his Auto parts run. so I text him with "gee since when did it take an hour to run the auto parts store" (that is only 15 mins away and is holding the damn thing you needed)He writes back what's with the attitude so I told him. flat out that he expected me to sit at home and not see my mom so he could run around town and pretend to be doing something constructive. But when I changed that by doing what I wanted to do He got all grumpy and that was where my Attitude came from. So he responds back with If I would have been patient I would know why he was acting that way. So I told him back Why so I could sit at home while you run your "errands". He then tells me that He was trying to romance me. Romance me by what????????? leaving me at home while he does his errands since that is all he told me he had planned and this was after he told me he didn't mind me going out with my mom. He then asks me if we could talk about it when he got home. So 2 HOURS after left he walks in the door. and sits at the computer and completly ignores me. until I tell him it's time for me to go to work then on the way to work I ask him if he wants to get something to eat now. ohhh of course he wants something now. So we pick up some Arby's Then gets mad at me from not talking right when I tried to say something but the words got all jumbled in my head and mouth (at this time I had been up for almost 17 hours!! and ready for sleep not work!!!) Then I get to work and the shift before me has left me with more work then one person can handle much less a stressed and tired person! So needless to say I am ready to just I just want to go home and crawl into my bed throw the covers over my head and not come up until next year. I hate stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To top it all off my boss seems to be ingnoring me. I had asked her a few weeks ago if I could have Valentines day off. Never was told yes or no. So I ended up working Then my co worker who works the night shift with me is out for the next 2 months on medical leave due to being over worked here. So I had to work on my days off. When I specificly told my boss that I couldn't work because my mom was in town and that those 2 days were my days to spend with her. But she ignored that and made me come in on my days off. So for working those days I asked for tonight off. Well needless to say she once again ignored my request and I am stuck at work tonight and she will probably expcet me to work the whole week and the weekend again. Well as for this weekend she can kiss me where the sun don't shine cause I'm telling her too. ANYWAY I should get to work now that I have taken up a whole page here on the forums. Thanks for letting me vent everyone!!!
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Well my day didn't start off the best! I was positive I worked a close shif tonight (4:30-12:30), but I got a phone call at 9:10am saying that I was supposed to work at 9 til 5! So I got up, showered, brushed my teeth, and ran out the door, and got to work 1/2 hour later (it takes 20 min to get there), only an hour late for work. So I work til 5, then I told my co-workers that I'll be having coffee w/ one of my friends and if they need help (we were possibly expecting a bus in) to call me on my cell. Well no one heard it ring, so I didn't go. I left my friend's place 2 hrs later, and only then realized the phone rang. So I stopped in, but by that time, they didn't need me. I felt awful! So I came home, and it's been good ever since...thankfully! And I know for sure that I don't have to work tomorrow!

Kiwideus about your you often get infection/ingrown toenails? I have had them constantly since I was about 10. I have given up on pretty much everything except 1 thing! Take a little piece of cotton (I take it from a q-tip, you only need about half of it or so), and lift up the corner of your toe, and stuff it in. It sounds painful, and it is for about 5 minutes, but it works so wonderful. I find that I have to keep mine there all the time so that I don't get infection. For some reason, my toenails grow very deep into the corners, and without some help for staying "up" I always have infection. No one can seem to do this except me (my mom prefers to use this stuff called OutGrow that makes your nail turn black--just stains it--but I don't like black toenails! lol) ***Note*** This just works on your big toe, I don't think I'd recommend it for your little toes! Anyways, just an idea.....
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Willow, I'm sorry to hear about the fight that you had w/ your s/o. Sometimes men can be so difficult!
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