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Manx cats

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I was wondering what people think of Manx cats. My girlfriend looks after several barn cats, one of which is full manx and the other has half a tail! Being nosey I was reading up on them and some of the literature suggested they were flawed and shouldn't breed. Now we have all of them fixed so it isn't an issue for us, but what about others. Are they a breed to admire or a scourge to be stopped.
Btw, my girlfriend's manx is adorable.
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I was owned by a wonderful Manx for 8 years. He was a big boy, full of life, and ruler of any creature in the household (ourselves included). I have never met a Manx that didn't have a strong personality - they are almost larger than life! I have also read that Manx's are considered "deformed" and have a low birth rate due to their deformities. I wonder about health problems in them. Max died from a cat version of a heart attack while playing at eight years old and suspect it was due to his breed characteristics.

We just rescued 4 Manxes from a collector a few weeks back. All had half tails, and in contacting a Manx rescue group, they are called "stubbies". If they have only the small nub, they are "nubbies". One of the rescues was part siamese, and they called her a "Siamanx".
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I have met only one manx in my life (well, part manx). She is the little charmer in my Dad's care facility (another thread somewhere about Shaughna). Personality to burn! a real sweetie, and, yes, she's the boss! Dogs turn tail.

Shaughna does have some problem with one of her hips, but it doesn't stop her at all, and it's not expected to cause her any difficulty as long as she doesn't get overweight. Perhaps this is attributable to the manx genes? Who knows?

What I do know is she's a delight.
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The manx cat that was just at the animal shelter had so much personality! And a ton of energy. But he was affectionate, and seemed almost dog-like. He walked on a harness and lead, and when I picked him up he would ride on my shoulders like a baby. I would say that they should not breed, because we already have way too many cats in this world, but for a breed, they are great cats.
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I couldn't live without my manx The Sammycat. That boy is loaded with personality. Granted he does have a few small medical problems caused from his not having a tail, but his personality more than makes up for that. He is the boss of this household and even my daughters rottie was no match for him Go Sammycat! :

His medical problem is that when he was a wee baby he had a very difficult time telling when he needed to go potty. Therefore at times he had an accident that he has since outgrown,mostly,on occassions he still has an accident when he is sound asleep. I just clean it up and love him since he really can't help it. He does have some weakness in his back legs that is apparent when he jumps from one chair to the other, he will not land as graceful as other tailed kitties. But him being a special-needs kitty has endeared him to me even more
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If I remember my reading correctly, the Manx is one of the oldest breeds. I think it's another example of the beauties of nature. We don't have tails, and nobody's trying to snuff us out.
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I have a manx mix...and he is one of the most affectionate doglike cats you will ever know. He is a straight clown...and super intelligent!!
Plays constantly...
It is true that they can have problems...ranging from kittens not developing right...<hole in their spine>...to older cats developing cancer of the spinal column...
I am not real sure i would promote breeding more even though I have one...I did not learn about the problems until after I got bob...
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Actually "Manx" is a breed, a cat with out a tail is just that a tailess cat.

If you see Manx cats on the internet they were most likely be the purebred ones that can be shown. Don't get the two confused.
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I should have explained myself better...I know that manx are a breed
Bobs mom was a manx...his father was a domesticAt least this is what i was told...He is shaped just like a manx ...all except his head..
I just dont know if i agree with breeding manx is what I am trying to say...But i guess that doesnt make since ...all breeds have different problems of some kind...
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We had a manx when I was growing up. He was a ginger boy and my mom imported him directly from the Isle of Man. What a wonderful cat! Full of character and an absolute sweetheart. He died though at about 2 and half to three years old from Urinary crystals blocking him up. My mum was overseas at the time and my brother and I were at boarding school so my step dad was looking after him. He went to the vet but by that stage he had blood poisoning. I am not sure if that was breed specific....

It was very very sad.

:-( I actually haven't thought about Norton for years though. That was 15 years ago!
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