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Goodbye, our sweet little "Tabby" girl

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Today, I say goodbye to a dear friend. She was a sweet little girl whom we called, Tabby. Dear little girl, your first hours of life were not an easy one. Someone did not want you or your brother and thought the best thing to do, was to throw you out like trash, on a very cold spring day. With your eyes closed and blind and your cord still attached, you decided to struggle and free yourself from the towel you were wrapped in. Unable to walk, becuase you were just a few hours old, you scooted across the grass, until a city worker saw you. He brought you and your brother inside to the caring "cat person", who happened to be my mom. She quickly put your cold bodies inside her shirt, to warm you up and rushed home. As they days went by, I had the joy of bottle feeding you and watching you grow. You grew up to be a beautiful silver colored tabby, with golden eyes and a cute red nose. You loved my mom dearly and spent many hours by her side, when she became ill with MS. When she passed away, I knew you missed her as much as I did. I heard you cry many times as you looked for her. There is not enough space here, to write about all the good times we had. But, like most things, all the good times have to come to an end. You became ill and my wife and I took great care of you. Even Amber knew you did not feel well and tried to take care of you. Today however, I knew you were in too much pain to go on. So, I sat down next to you and looked into those golden eyes. I knew what you wanted, you wanted to be free of your pain. It wasn't that you did not want to be with us, but you had suffered long enough. So dear girl, I said to you with tears in my eyes, I will release you from your pain. I wasn't able to go with you and my wife to the vets office, because I had to work. But, before I left, I said goodbye and thanked you for being a part of my life for 14 years. You said goodbye too, with purrs and one last head bonk and chin rub. Dear Tabby, you are free now. Don't look back as you cross the bridge. You are in God's hands now and you will never feel pain again. I will never forget you and I will always see you lying in the sun in your favorite window. RIP my sweet little Tabby girl
Our sweet little Tabby girl.
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Oh John-

I am so sorry that she lost the good fight. But I am grateful that she had someone like you in her life for the fourteen years. Please know that your grief will be shared by all who come here to read her special story. She is not looking back, but she is looking down, and I will bet in just a little while another cat will arrive that will captivate your heart, for you have some much love to share.

I am so sorry for your loss, I know it well-
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John - it is very sad tha you lost your dear Tabby. But the story yu tell is also a happy one with the affection she showed to your mum and all of you. Dwell on these times and know you did the right thing by your sweet girl.
You are in my thoughts at this sad time.
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John, i'm sitting in my office in tears as i type this.

I'm so sorry to hear about your gorgeous little girl Tabby. It's so lovely to read that Tabby ended up in a loving home after an awful start in life.

Sending you and Terri hugs and huge headbutts from Rosie

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You and your mom did wonderful things for Tabby from the beginning of her life until the end. She knows all that you've done and is grateful.

I'm so sorry for your loss. {{{{HUGS}}}}
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The sun is shining in Tabby's window today. I miss our little girl
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I am so sorry of your loss , ((((((HUGS)))))) to you and your wife . I know it is never easy to let go of a sweet and loved friend . May God give you peace and comfort in the time of grieve .

RIP sweet "TABBY"
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Oh no, I am so sorry about your loss, what a cute little cat she is! Oh how your story about her brought tears to my eyes, I even had to wipe my keypad. Please be assured that she had such a better life with you and your mom and wife these past 14 yrs. , so much better than the beginning. She was fortunate to find all of you. May I ask what became of her brother? I hope that wasn't too personal, if it was I'll understand. God in all has power will send you another kiitylove cause there are too many who need to find it, and you seem to have an abundance to share. ((((hugs))) hootiecat
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John & Terri, I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Tabby. She was just beautiful and it is very obvious that she added much love and beauty to every life she touched.

Tabby has been reunited with your Mom at the Bridge. She is indeed free from pain, and full of love as always.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your memories of Tabby, RIP dear girl.
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I just want to say thank you, to each and everyone of you. I know we all understand and feel the pain when someone looses one of their dear friends.
Hootiecat, as for Tabby's brother, we found him a great home A friend of my mom was looking for another cat to keep her calico company. So, she adopted the boy from us. I so much wanted to keep him too. But at the time, my mom was suffering from MS and had to walk with the use of a cane. The boy was so laid back and friendly, that he would just flop down on the floor in front of you while you were walking. I was very concerned that he would do that in front of my mom while she was trying to walk, the MS messed up her left leg, and she would trip and fall. So, we had to find him another home. But what a great home he went too. The calico just loved him I will look to find a picture of him and try to post it here.
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I found a picture of Tabby as a small little kitten. The color is off, it was due to the lighting when the picture was taken. I do not have a scanner, so I used my digital camera to take a picture of the picture, so the quality is not very good. But, you will get to see her sweet kitten face
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Here is Tabby's brother, on the right, she named him Castaway and his Calico friend named Sea Breeze.
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I found a better picture of Castaway
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John and Terri -

I'm so sorry about the loss of Tabby. You and your family loved her dearly and she knew it. She's now at ease and watching you from the RB with your mom.

RIP Tabby dear . You'll never be forgotten.
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RIP Tabby

So sorry to hear of your loss, John. She was a lovely creature, and obviously brought much sunshine to your lives -- and you to hers.
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Awwww John she's co cute!. If there's one thing i noticed on the first picture of her, it was the size of those gorgeous eyes!, and there the same as a kitten.

P.S. Love the picture of Amber in the shopping cart. She's sitting there with not a care in the world, it's brilliant!

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When I found that kitten picture, it brought tears to my eyes. It seemed almost like yesterday that she was so tiny. But, when I see that picture, it also reminds me of how we saved her from the cold and what would have been certain death. It felt so good to help such a wonderful cat.
Susan, yes, Amber has become quite the spoiled brat But we love our cats that way. Well spoiled and loved
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Oh, I loved your pic of baby tabby, what a cutie!Thanks for sending it through, it's lovely. I'm glad the brother one got to go to a nice home, if my mom had MS I wouldn't have wanted her to hurt herself tripping on a kitty, either.I'm sorry about her passing away too. Death is hard for us to take, it's sorta unnatural. I just know soon you will find another kitty who needs you, and will help your pain ease away. Amber the Bobcat is a lovly example, is she really a bobcat or a breed of cat that looks like one? She is so cool, I've looked at her website a bit, it's neat.I hope you feel better soon, talking about your lost loved ones helps, and so does the passing of time. your freind, hootiecat
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Yes,Hottiecat, Amber is 100% real bobcat. I do like to remind everyone that she was not taken from the wild, she came from a bobcat breeder. In most states, it is illegal to keep an animal taken from the wild. But she is still a wild cat. The Pixie Bobs, that you may have seen on her web pages, are cats that are bred to look like a bobcat.
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Wow, that's neat. I didn't know you could buy one, I thought maybe you found her as a baby, and in trouble or something. Sometimes that happens in the wild kingdom too.She's very beaytiful, does she ever act like a wildcat? I guess I would be kinda scared of that, with a wild companion. sometimes our domestic ones get to acting like part wildcat, especially my little Inky. Hope you have a good day! hootiecat
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Yes, she does have her "wild cat" moments, but I love it The trick is, you can't let it scare you. For if you do, she likes to intimidate you For instance, there is a woman who works at Petsmart who just loves Amber, but she showed fear when trying to pet her. So, every time Amber sees her, she will "bark" at the woman to scare her. I think Amber likes to watch her jump But, there is another girl who works there that just walked up to Amber and started petting her. Amber just sits there and lets this girl pet her and scratch her chin. Most shoppers can walk up to her and pet her. Some, she just does not like. I think she can sense certain things about people. I know they do not like strong odors; cologne, perfume or strong smelling household cleaners. The weirdest thing, she doesn't like people with glasses
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I wonder if thats what my parents cat felt about my husband, because he wore glasses!.

He never had any animals, even as a child, but everytime we paid a visit to my parents, their cat would always jump on the back of his chair and stare at him as if on purpose. We used to howl, because it certainly used to make my husband jump!!. Their clever little things!!

I spoil Rosie also John. a girl i work with said she's more spoilt and better fed than her own children!. But it's hard to explain to a lot of people that our cats are our children !!!!

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But it's hard to explain to a lot of people that our cats are our children !!!!
I always refer to my cats as my "kids".
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wow, that is so cool. I guess she is just like any other animal, who senses fear or dislike in a human. I would love to pet her! I'll bet she is real soft and fuzzy. I would'nt be afraid. My little dog, who is a purebred mini dachshund, can sense fear or harmful intent in people really well. She won't leave them alone,as little as she is she'll try to stare them down or frighten them away. I know from her reactions who I can trust, And when I can't trust someone, she lets me know! As a result, people who don't like her or me, don't come around here much, and that is just fine to me! Animals are cool, as small as she is, she would give her life to protect me and thats neat. I hope I never have to use that though. Well pet Amber for me, since I cannot. bye, hootiecat:owl:
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It is really cool how animals learn to use their extra senses. We humans have them too, but just don't use them like we should.
Yes, Amber is real soft, especially the "beard" on the sides of her face. I love to kiss that part of her face.
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Your beautiful story brought tears to my eyes. My condolences on Tabby's passing. She truly had a wonderful life with you, and i'm sure she's watching over you and Amber from the Bridge right now. Thanks for sharing, and i'm glad her little brother found a good home as well. Take care.
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I'm happy for you, to have such a beautiful animal to help you get through this time of sadness. because of my many freindships with different animals, especially my 7, I think I do use my "senses" I also can sense harm and phonies out in the world who do it. Keeps me sharp, I guess. But being imperfect, I slip once in a while. I'm kinda like a loner, as much as I can. Try that in a house with 5 people and 7 animals, oh yeah and a tank full of fish! I hope you are feeling better, your freind hootiecat
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I am sooooo sorry to hear how you lost your darling precious Tabby girl. What a sweetheart she was! How heartwarming to read what joy she brought to your lives. I will be thinking of you and your above.
Hugs to you!!
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I just want to say thank you to all of you for caring. It is never easy watching a pet that you loved pass away. But, I know now, she is in a better place. You can just tell when they say to you. "I love you for taking such great care of me, but it is time for me to go on to the next life". We will see each other again little Tabby girl
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