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Losing Weight

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I have two cats and I have to get some weight off the one. He has been on steriods for about 5 months because of respiratory problems and now he is like a mini hulk! I am desperatley trying to help him lose weight but with two cats it seems an impossible task.

We are now having Hills Light catfood and NO TITBITS at all (which is not going down too well). I want to encourage him to run around more but without drugging him on catnip - he loves it and runs around then but I don't think that is the solution!

Any comments are welcome..
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Without seperating them for meals, what you are doing is the best. If you have the time and can seperate them to eat, then thats the solution. With him being off of steriods, it will help. I can't seperate my cats, so I play with the teasers more often with the heavy ones. Just remember it takes longer to take it off than put it on. So be patient and give it some time. I think they need to make a kitty treadmill!!!
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My cat is 5 years old, this is a young age to have a kidney disese. I love him very much and want to do all I can to save his precious life. Dispite many efforts i have found limited information on the subject of Cronic Kidney Diese in felines. If you know any information on this subject please contact me at> staaci014@yahoo.com
You're advice and support will be greatly appreciated--Thank You-- Stacie Lewis
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