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Affectionate Kitten Turned to Anti-Social Scaredy Cat

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Last August, my boyfriend and I rescued four abandoned kittens when they were approximately 5 weeks old. We kept three of them and his parents took the fourth. Our three are all girls, Captain, Lara, and Tali. When they were kittens, Tali was extremely lovey, especially to me, and she was never scared by loud noises or sudden movements. Around January, we noticed she wasn't sitting with us on the couch as often and was instead hiding under it. She began running away if we tried to pet her and if you stood up to fast or sneezed, really anything that involved moving or making noise, she would take off in a panic. We had all three of them spayed in March, and her behavior is still the same. The other two are perfectly friendly and don't scare easily at all. The only time she will really come near us is if we have treats or if we're going to bed. Sometimes, I will be walking no where near her and she will stare at me with fear in her eyes then vanish. She also goes through phases where she will cower in the closet for days and only eat, drink, or go to the bathroom when we aren't home. And if we close the closet when she's in that mood, she'll hide under my chinchilla's cage. We don't understand why she acts like this. She's never had any issues at the vet and was just there a few months ago and she's never had anything traumatic happen to her that we've seen. She gets along fine with her sisters, and if there is a confrontation, it's caused by her, usually over food. We're not sure what to do and it makes me so upset to see her so scared all of the time. I just want my cuddly cat back. 

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i dont know if it helps but i gave mews (my cat) sister to my friend because she suddenly started acting skittish and peeing everywhere but the litterbox.

we noticed she used litterbox when mew hadn't touched it and when she was alone in the room with us she was fine.
she wasn't bullied and if she played with mew she was the boss kitty!

she's been at my friends place for about 7 months now and she's no longer skittish and shes back to her cuddly hyper self. she's happy to see me and cuddles me when I visit she just doesn't like other cats at all

maybe your tali is like that?
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