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Neighborhood Cat's Erratic Behavior

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Hello all. I moved into a new house around 6 months ago and began feeding a friendly neighborhood cat shortly after that. I've grown quite fond of him because of his sweet nature, but he hasn't been acting like his usual self lately. His meows sound distressed and he won't let me pet him. If I reach my hand out to him he snaps at it. When I try to go back into the house he comes after me and swats at my legs. What's wrong with him?! Thanks for your help.
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I'd take him to a vet ASAP. Has he been fixed??

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You said he is a neighborhood cat not a neighbor's cat? It could be that he has been hurt and his reactions are a stimulus to pain. Ideally, the best thing to do is to get him caught and take him to the vet. He probably has a cat bite (would be my guess).
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I was thinking about taking him to a vet. It's difficult because there are a lot of neighborhood cats around and I am unsure if he belongs to someone else (someone brushes his coat once in a while). I don't know if he has had any vaccinations. I thought about going door to door and asking the neighbors. And I really am concerned about his behavior change because it's so sudden (probably has been around 2-3 wks now). I think I was trying to dismiss it as part of mating season. But I also think of the squirrels that he eats and the cats (possibly even raccoons) that he fights with. He has also been eating less but maybe he's eating more elsewhere. Life must be rough for a neighborhood cat. As weird as it sounds, he just doesn't look at me the same. I feel like I don't know him. Thank you for your advice and response. BTW, he is not neutured.
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I appreciate your concern for this cat...I think if you could get him to a vet and get him UTD on shots as well as get him neutered it would probably do him a world of good. If you tell me where you live I can look for some low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area.

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Well, as I am someone who neuters even the neighbor's cats, I am the wrong person to ask about what to do. But, I would take this cat to the vet and get him neutered at the same time. If he is bit, he will continue to fight while he is still intact, especially during mating season.
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Neuters are very easy to "hide" compared to spays where there is a scar...but you didn't hear that from me.

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I think you have 2 choices: 1) knock on every door in the neighborhood and try to locate the owner. Tell them that their cat is sick and needs to see a vet. 2) Take the cat to the vet yourself and get him neutered in the process.

If costs isn't an issue for you, I would personally recommend the 2nd choice. I too have been known to get the neighborhood cats fixed when the neighbor doesn't take care of them. If the neighbor that owns the cat is neglectful, they may not take care of the cat anyway, and only get angry at you for interfering.
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