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My new cat

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This is Sammy, my new cat. He is about 1 year old. Was found as a stray
apparently it was learned he was put out on his own after he wasn't a kitten anymore, what jerks huh? Anyways, he has it made now. He's very happy and spoiled now.
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What a handsome boy Sammy is!! He's a lucky boy to have found such a good person to take him in and spoil him like he is supposed to be spoiled.
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What a gorgeous kitty! He has the cutest little pink nose.

It makes me so mad that people will just keep an animal for a year or two, while it's a "cute baby" and then get rid of it once it's full grown! How irresponsible. Kitties are cute always, not just as kittens. Bless you for giving him a good home.
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Thanks and I agree, cats are always cute! Plus when you adopt a grown cat you know what your getting. With a kitten you never know, you can't fully tell the personality. LIke Sammy has THE BEST personality. He is really outgoing, even with all he's been through he is very friendly, very outgoing. I had no transition period with him, he purred right out of the carrier when I brought him home. And settled in so quickly.
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Sammy found his furrever home! He sure is cute

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What a good looking and lucky boy Sammy is!
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He is such a cutie! It is so cruel when people just get rid of their kitties by leaving them somewhere. Sammy is lucky to have found you and get spoiled. I´m sure he deserves every little bit of the spoiling!
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Marge, what a great looking cat he is. I applaud you for taking him in I agree with you on how some people are. Our little "Tabby" was found as a new born kitten dumbed like trash by a dumpster. She was wrapped in a towel so as to hide her, but she scooted out and a city worker found her and her brother too. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us. After 14 years, she went to the rainbow bridge. I am happy that I was able to give these kittens a great home.
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Marge, Sammy is a handsome little boy
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Love his pink nose - he is just soooooo handsome!
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He is adorable! I want to hug him.
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What a gorgeous cat
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Sammy is so handsome, he is so lucky he found you....
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Marge, what a distinguished looking gentleman!! He looks laid back and confident. Is he? He is lucky to have found a home with you.
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What a sweet distiungued cat he is, and very cute at that. Makes me wonder if that is what my Tiger will look like when he grows up? Tiger also has the pink nose and white cheeks...very very darling
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Yes he is confident. Not really laid back though!! He really has the best personality. Loving but also fun to be around, very, VERY Friendly.
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What a handsome guy! I can't resist orange boy kitties. They are just such love bugs! I swear it must be part of the orange gene, cause the orange and white ones, and the buff ones, are like that too!
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Ever such a handsome fellow!
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Congrats! Sammy is a very handsome boy!
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