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Terrific people!

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I just got off the phone, and I've GOT to share this. Our little town has a "cat home", which consists of a condemned house with few furnishings or amenities (electricity and cold running water). The town is broke, and the humane society barely scrapes by; the latter is really dependent on money/food/litter donations. Last Thursday, catastrophe struck, in the form of a burst water pipe. The chairwoman of the humane society called a local plumbing company, and the owner came out to assess the damage. When he saw the condition of the house, he said he would talk to his employees and see what could be done, because all the pipes were in horrible condition. Now get this: the company is donating its time, and bearing the material costs, to replace all the plumbing in the house. Not only that, but it has also promised to put in a (used) hot water heater, free of charge. They got to work Friday afternoon! The owner, Paul, isn't exactly a cat lover, but was apparently very impressed with the kitties' supervision of his assessment and their craving for attention. The local newspaper has already promised to run an article with pictures, so not only will the company get great publicity, but some of the readers might be encouraged to make donations or get involved. Wow! This is really a dream come true!
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That is fantastic!!! How wonderful of that plumbing company! I hope the publicity helps not only raise donation, but finds many of those cats forever homes too.
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I really hope so. There are currently 28 - one "lost" cat was claimed by his owners last week. (That was a weird story- the cat was apparently in a neighbor's car in a city roughly 25 miles from here, and got out when the neighbor visited relatives here Christmas Day). In a few weeks the influx of "spring kittens" will begin, so it would be fantastic if some of the older cats found a home before then. The main problem is that there are 10 "hardcore ferals", whose chances of finding a permanent home are practically nil, unless a farm/stable were looking for a good rodent catcher, and 9 "iffy" cases, i.e., cats with physical or behavioral problems that simply have to be paired with the right owners. Kittens are generally not a problem, but in many cases the humane society has to forego the much-needed adoption fee.
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Thats brilliant news!!!. And after this, i hope his buisness 'thrives'!!.

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That is such great news! Good people do exist!
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Wow, that are such great news! I hope the publicity will help even more!
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