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Monday Daily Thread

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Well, I guess I'll start this because my story doesn't fit anywhere else....

We have had problems with the heat in the building where I work recently (it's not too good, because it is a patient care building). The building is only 4 years old. The temps have been rising into the high 70's and low 80's.

Today, it was 81 when we called and complained. Something got fixed, the temp started going down and all of the sudden the fire alarm went off. Maintenence and firefighters were roaming around our floor.

What happened? In the heat, one of the sprinklers got activated . Not only did it flood the hall, it caused damage to two of the personal doctor's offices downstairs. You know things will get fixed now!

Anyways, hope everyone is having a better (and cooler)day!
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Glad my company didn't design the mechanical systems in your hospital! That's messed up, big time.

It's a really slow day in my office. And I have very little motivation to do what work I do have. I'm taking my sweet ol' time on the one thing on my desk, because it's really not even due until next Monday. Phones are slow because apparently most architects have today off. Even my supervisor decided to leave at noon. And it's a really nice day out - sun is shining, it's getting close to 50 degrees...just a lovely day to do, well, nothing! Good thing I only have 3 more hours here at work. Then I can go home and do NOTHING! LOL
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Good thing it only flooded the hallway Christy!

This morning out by the stalls, I tossed three large packets of bedding wrapped in......GASP.......white plastic into Racer's stall while he was inside.

After he got back from ICU at OSU a few years ago, he had this fear of white plastic, because they were making him breathe into these plastic bags to test his lung capacity. So I worked with him dilegently to get him used to white plastic. Normally, when I toss these bundles inside, he usually just snorts and watches the alien invaders carefully.

I went to duck under the fence and go inside his stall to cut open the bundles and spread the bedding around, when I hear this loud POP and this huge SNORT and he comes thundering out of his stall like the hounds of hell are after him! LOL

I go in his stall, and he has stomped on one of the bundles, and the pressure of a 1,100 pound horse was to much for it, and it burst and the recycled cardboard went flying and apparently so did he! LOL It does my heart good to see him feeling better these days.
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okeefecl sorry about your building. that's got to suck!
valanhb nothing to do when you get home from work? I'm jealous!
hissy I'm glad to see that Racer is feeling better.

I'm working on laundry and getting the house clenaed again so when I go back to work(wed ) At least it won't be so hard to keep up on it better for awhile anyway. I had someone stop by from some supplimental insurance so also it is pretty strange and all foreign to me, but we are signing up for it anyway, Brad understands all of it so I think it's ok. Darn big fancy schmancy words! LOL!
Anyone want ot go back to work for me and let me have the paycheck? I wouldn't mind one bit. I don't want to go back to the nursery and listen to the children talk bad about each other and then be extra nice to the persons face, it's so boring and childish. (And I work in a restaurant just so you know, with mostly adults for a staff). I'm to old to deal with it anymore, I just want a job where I can do my work and NOT have to deal with the idiots and children. I want to work with people that act their ages for a change.
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Well, I worked today . . . I just got home. I'm planning on going for a run in a few minutes, then I'll be studying for the Physics test I have tomorrow for the rest of the night. Such fun!
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Today was the last day of my seven days on at work. Now I have a week off! And today I got paid time and a half for the holiday! YIPPEE!! Glad it's over though!

So far I've lost 7 pounds in 10 days on my new diabetic diet. I about had a fit when I stepped on the scales the other night! I couldn't believe it! Hope it keeps up.

Tomorrow I'm going to sleep as much as I want! Then I need to do laundry (I have nothing to wear)and clean the house.
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Wow! Good for you for losing weight mzjazz!
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Work was slow - people figured that we were closed, for the holiday. My new supervisor is actually supervising and giving feedback. Since we were so slow, he called an unscheduled team meeting. This was a shocker! We are supposed to have these, once a week and, with my previous supe we had approximately 5, in 8 months.

Got kudos - one other team member and yours truly got 100% scores on ALL of our customer satisfaction surveys, for the month of January. These are surveys, in which our customers are called back and questioned as to how satisfied they were, with the service they got and if their issue was settled once and for all. This puts me into a contest, to win a cruise to the Bahamas, in September.

Our temps are going up: 67 today and 80 by Wednesday. Can't be too soon for me. As much as I like my new winter jacket, I'll be happy to relegate it to the closet, for several months. Bill will be happy, with the reduced gas bill. Hopefully, we won't get one last blast of winter. In 1999, we got snow on Easter Sunday. I stayed in bed, that day.
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Woohoo! Good for you Cindy! I hope you win the contest!
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Another horrible stormy day here today not as windy as yesterday so school wasn't cancelled. I'm just lapping up the sunshine at the moment while enjoying an after noon snack of VEGEMITE( ) on toast.

Christy sorry to hear about the flooding.

Heidi, Hope you're enjoying your evening.

Mary Anne, that's great news. WTG Racer.

Barb good luck with all the icky housework! Hope you're enjoying your time off.

Viva, good luck for the test!!

Tammie, congrats on the weight loss.

Cindy, hope the weather is just how you like it! Weather forecasts are always wrong.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

BTW do you like my new siggy? It's Holly!
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