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Anyone Else Working Today?

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It's President's Day, and according to the News and Radio everyone who is anyone has the day off. I don't know who these people are or what company they work for, except the government and schools, but I've never worked there! I'm used to New Year's, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (bonus - my current company gives us the Friday after Thanksgiving too!), and Christmas as the only paid holidays for a business.

Just wondering if anyone else is working today, or if it's just the few companies I have worked for that make us work on these holidays.
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Yep, I'm working too. The hospital doesn't close for most holidays, but the ones you listed, Heidi, plus a winter holiday around Christmas. When you find out where this great job is, let me know!
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Working here also. Not only did I work 24 hours over the weekend, I have 5 more days ahead of me this week. So, this is a holiday eh?
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The jobs with the biggest amount of holidays are usually on the government or schools. Or in Academia (University Faculty). Those are the ones who don't work in President's day... The rest usually are in the grind.
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Actually, I interviewed at one law firm that had some crazy amount of holidays, something like 16 paid holidays, plus 2 floating holidays (i.e. for your birthday, anniversary, whatever), PLUS vacation! Man I wanted that job! LOL If I remember right, they worked with financial law so they were closed for the bank holidays...
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Yes but Heidi, your day is almost half over!
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Yes, but I'm in Germany, so "Presidents' Day" doesn't count here. However, I have next Monday and Tuesday off for "Fasching/Karneval/Carnival/Mardi Gras". Since I just had a "marathon marking weekend" (over 15 hours), the time off will be greatly appreciated! And for those of you who envy teachers - just remember that we still have work to do when we come home from work, and hardly ever have a weekend spent without correcting or preparing lessons!
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I was a teacher for a year and a half before I and the school realized I wasn't cut out for it. I agree with you - every single day off that teachers get, they deserve it! With the stress level and immense workload that comes with the job, 3 months off in the summer is well deserved.
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Yes we are working today in retail you don't get
all THE holiday's the banks and mail people
But we are proud of New Years,Memorial Day,July 4 TH
labor Day,Thanksgiving,& Christmas.
Charlie & Cindy
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Government worker here!!
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No holiday here (and none till Easter). But the workday is over now so yay!
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Classes are in session today, so I'm working as well.
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Restaurant worker here, and we are only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I'm on vacation(have I said that enough these past 2 weeks?) and I don't have to go back until wed (I don't want to go back, I'm enjoying all the time in the world do do the things I want to do!)
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I worked today but we had a skeleton crew. Only two of us worked and the rest were off for the Holiday. My old lab had something like 14 paid/off holidays! It was nice!
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I worked today as well. I just wish I had internet access there.
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I just got home from work, so yes, I had to work today. I guess I'm not special
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The college was open, so I had to be there. But my bank was closed. Took me a minute to figure out why noone was answering the phone there, when I called to check on a direct deposit.
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Yup, I'm working today. On the one hand, traffic was almost non-existant this morning, which is cool since I have a 30 mile commute. On the other hand, the weather sucks! Rainy and windy, and looks to be that way the next two days as well.
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I am with the State of IL so I had today off.
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If it makes you feel any better, Heidi, I work in the school system and didn't have the day off. The kids did, but we had professional development. As a matter of fact, the workshop I got sent to didn't start until 1:30. I had to go to school in the morning, and the workshop didn't end until an hour and a half after my normal day's end!
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Nursing home employee here! Today was just another day for us. (and yes I had to work )
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I worked, too. Only government and banks seemed to be closed. Even the schools were in session, here. BankOne and Compass Bank stayed open, as did the supermarket branches of Wells Fargo.

I don't get another paid holiday, until Memorial Day. With 37+ hours of paid time off accrued, I can take a little holiday, now and then though.
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Yeah Government jobs have the most holidays. I work for a college so I was off. I had a friend who worked for the county and they had a ridiculous amount of days off. They got Columbus day off even.

Is anyone else old enough to remember when there were two President 's birthday holidays? One for Wash and the other for Jefferson? And the schools would close for two Mondays in a row? I don't remember when they combined them.
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It was Washington on the 22nd and Lincoln on the 12th.
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I worked today! And I work at a school, thank-you-very-much! Lol . . . oh well, I need the $$, so I'm not complaining.
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actually you know I would have worked if I could have and taken another day off instead. I mean the weather is dreary. and there is no traffic and you can park easily etc.
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