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well everyone I must say goodbye now. It's been nice meeting all of you. I made hootie a page but without a digital cam, it's not very fun. well bye again, hootiecat
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Why are you leaving?
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Why are you leaving?
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Actually, lot of people don't post pictures of their kitties. It's no big deal. Of course, we would LOVE to see pictures of everyone's cats, but that's not always possible.

Glad you were able to work something out with AOL.
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Hootiecat, I hardly show my cats also, but I love it here. Please don't leave, we enjoy everyones input and knowledge, pictures or no pictures.
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Goodbye... hello. Glad you could stay.

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Thanks you guys for forgiving my crazy day. sometimes we have to have crazy days where things don't work out at first then all of a sudden they do! I hope you have things work out for you, too. Thanks for making me feel better, it helps alot. Well since I have 2 free months, and 2 paychecks coming up, I'm going to get a cam soon so you can see my cuties and I promise, you'll enjoy them and it will be worth the wait! thanks again, hootiecat
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Originally posted by hootiecat
But I talked to my aol representative and he was in a good mood or something and gave me 2 free service awards and now I don't have to go. My membership to aol was expiring. so we don't have to go!
No WAY! Aol did the same thing to me for over a year! I bet that will happen to you too...I've actually heard of it happening to alot of people. Just make sure you keep the phone number handy 2 times they charged me for the service even though they assured me that month was free. I kept all email and proof of that incase it ever happned that they charged me. When they did charge me I had my proof and called them and they got the charge removed!
I'm glad you get to stay and I hope you enjoy it here. Dont worry about the pics although it's nice to see everyone's kitties.
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Glad you are staying
If you need help posting pictures you can always email them to me and I can post them for you.
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I'm glad you get to stay! And don't feel bad about not posting pics of your kitties...I haven't posted any recent pics of mine for ages and I need to post one of my newest member, Gus, soon!
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*whew* Hootiecat.... Glad You are staying. I know how it is though with these ISP's Netzero used to do the same way to me all the time... Until I got fed up one day with going through no internet withdrawl and switched to AOL... I havent shown pics of Patches and the half-kid Tiger yet either.... Because my roomate wont let me.... Well that's another story for another time. Glad you are staying.
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Hootie, good that you are staying! The more members, the better
As for posting pics...before I had a digital camera, I would take my actual picture and then go to Kinko's (now also you can go to Target and Walmart to scan onto a disc) and scan it into their computer then upload the pics onto a floppy disc. Then I'd go home and upload the pics from the disc onto my aol. favorites and send them as an attachment.
Anyway...hope you stay here a looonnnnggg time!
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Hi loubelia, Would someone at my local copy and such store be able to show me how to do that? It sounds so promising.... thanks for the tip hopefully soon , thanks for the help hootiecat
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Originally posted by hootiecat
....Also, gothic-amethyst, like your name by the way, how do you make avatars? Are they those cool little pics, next to peoples names when they post?
Thanks. I'm glad you like my name! PM me if you want to know the sense typing it here. Avatars are those little pics. Mine is a purple paw with my name. I make free avatars for people, but in order to have a custom avatar you have to have 300 posts. When you get there (it doesnt take long) let me know and I'll make one if you want. Also TCS has a large list of avatars you can use untill you get to 300.

Oh I forgot to add this:
This link will show you all the avatars TCS has you can use according to how many posts you have. If you see one you like PM me and I'll walk you thru using an avatar.
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I'm glad you're staying, hootiecat!
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WHAAAAAAAT, Leave the site!!.

We would have hunted you down

Pleased your staying with us.

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glad you aer staying.
I have been here since last September and have only ever posted one pic of my Fat Katy. I have 3 other cats but despite having a digital camera have still not posted. So dont worry about it.
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Once again thanks for all your responses, it's overwhelmingly nice!!! I really do love to talk cats with everyone, I especially like to try to comfort the poor ones who have lost a beloved cat in the crossing the bridge section. I also feel their pain and I know how painful it is. I'll write more later and pm about those avatars later, but now as usual, i'm late for work! aaaahhhh, hootiecat
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