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How many of you have a home based business?

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I got suckered into going to my bf's friend's house yesterday. His wife was giving an Arbonne demonstration. Arbonne is a skincare/vitamin/make-up producer whose line is based on botanical natural products. I didnt know too much about the products that she was selling but I sat through her sales pitch. I was impressed with the quality of the stuff that she was selling. My bf and I wound up buying some stuff and afterwards I was speaking to her sales mentor and I got really excited about possiblly joining on as a consultant. I wouldn't be doing it full time as I like my full time job this would be more of a part-time on the weekend sort of gig. I wanted to know if anyone out there has heard of Arbonne and what they thought of it? Or if you have your own home based business what do you do and how do you like it? Thanks!
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My husband and I both have home based business. He owns a vending machine route for a major brand Soda company, and I own a home daycare. He does have a 'regular' job as well as a mechanic, but the vending route is super.

I love working out of my home, its so convenient. Not to mention you are your own boss!
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I work from my home too. I have been working from home for a couple of years and I really love it. It is great to be home when my kids get out of school. I work my business both online and off line, so I have my own website and when someone joins my business they get the same kind of website to work their own business. Working from home is the best thing that ever happened to me.
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I work from home doing eBay and running a website. It is pretty good, just wish I made more $ from it.
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I work from my home, have a website storefront and love doing this! I spent years as an RN working 12 hour night shifts, and don't miss having someone tell me what part of a holiday I can have off or which weekend. I love being my own boss
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I would like to have a home based business! I wouldn't know where to start though!
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I work from home partners with Anne in Meowhoo as well as Marketing Manager and editor here on this website. I also help others to rewrite their websites and I am working on my book about strays and ferals. I am a free-lance writer for animal magazines mostly horse and cat related. Plus my husband and I have a custom knife shop in the back yard and I do scrimshaw.
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where do you buy your scrimshaw supplies? I did a project on scrimshaw in my college art class. I really enjoyed it and wouldn't mind doing some as a hobby.
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What do you need? I have several scrim tools I would be happy to send you if you like? Mike made me some wonderful carbide tipped tools that I use instead of the standard scrim tool, and so I use those now. If you are talking about finding legal ivory, you best bet is an old piano warehouse, they usually have old keys in the back room for sale or you can buy mycarta (manmade ivory)
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hissy that would be great if you had some old tools you weren't using. Where would I find mycarta? Do craft stores sell it?

Thanks for the info
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I was just reading your website and I noticed that people use Ivory Nuts for scrimshawing. Well it just so happend that I live in the tropical zone and we have those nuts around here. Would you be interested in me gathering and mailing you some?
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mzjazz2u, here's a link to one of the about.com sites on working from home. I have found that the different about.com sites are usually quite interesting and informative. http://jobsearch.about.com/cs/workfr...work+from+home There is also a forum there where you can talk to others who are interested in working from home.
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I have a whole bag full of ivory nuts here. They don't take to the ink as well as the ivory, bone or micarta (I was bad I misspelled micarta) What you can use too which you should be able to find in your area are seashells. When I first started doing scrim, I would do to the coast and get those big shells and scrim on them.Then we would go back a few weeks later and we would drop the shells on the sand for people to find. Then we would sit on a log nearby and watch the reactions of tourists who found intact shells and when they flipped them over there was a frog or a fairy or something scrimmed on them. It was great fun-!

I buy micarta here:


email me your address, I used to have it but think it is long gone now, and I will send you some small pieces of spare ivory I have (I am talking really small though) and a scrim tool or two-

Right now legalized ivory sells for $200.00 a pound!
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I pm'd you...Thanks hissy!!

Sorry for hijacking this thread, good luck with you home based job search and the Arbonne stuff. I used to do Mary Kay and Avon. I wasn't the best salesman though.
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