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My three sweethearts :-)

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Hey! :-) I'm new to posting here and i thought I'd say hi and I'd tell you a little bit about my cats :-)

I have 3, Kolli, Leo and Lisa, so it can get a bit crazy around my apartment at times :-)

Kolli is a 13 year old siamese i've had since i was a kid. He's much more than a cat to me, he's a member of the family. Even my granny who dosen't like animals loves him and asks about him all the time :-) I call him princess Kolli because he acts like a princess all the time. He loves to be around people and is very cuddly and friendly.

Leo is ca. 5 years old. He was a stray i and i got him at a shelter when i worked there. I noticed he was getting a cold and the vet that comes there puts all sick cats too sleep so i took him home and nursed him back to health and he's been with me ever since :-) It's taken allot of time for him to adjust but he's become very sweet. He dosen't really like strangers (in fact i sometimes get the feeling he dosen't like anyone but me) but he'll now come and sniff everyone instead of just hiding under the bed when i have company. He's very protective of me and the household, will only sleep by my feet at night and jumps up and checks everything out if he hears some noise. I call him my little doberman :-)

Lisa is the baby of the three, ca. 10 months old. I got also got her at a shelter after she'd been found in a dumpster. She's orange with darker stripes and small for her age. She loves to cuddle and seems to literally think I'm her mom (It took months for her to understand that my earlobe is not for her to suck on). When i leave the house she crys so loudly i hear her all the way to the parking lot. Makes me feel guily for leaving her at home :-/ Her favorite toys are caps of soda bottles. I bought all kinds of "normal" toys for her but she'll only play with the caps :-) She's the most social one, even more than Kolli which i find amazing. She goes up to everyone to let them pet her and tell her how pretty she is :-) She's a bit different from my other cats, she "sings" along to the music and if i don't watch her carefully when i have a party she tries to drink the alcohol, specially the beer, which is something i've never had to do with "my boys" :-)

I only have pics of Kolli and Leo, I haven't borrowed the digi cam since i got Lisa, and i put the link down there, hope it works :-) Kolli loves the cam but Leo dosen't like it one bit so i only have good pic of him, in all the other ones he looks like he's gonna attack the camera :-)


Oh yeah, I'm so wrapped up in my cats i forget about myself. I'm 20 years old and i live in Iceland :-)
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Such pretty babies! Welcome to the site! I have a cat that only likes me, too. Simon could care less if everyone else fell off the earth, as long as I'm there, he's happy.

Can't wait to see a picture of the kitten!
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Welcome to the site! Your kitties sound like wonderful companions, and I love the pictures you have of them.

I look forward to getting to know you and Kolli, Leo and Lisa on the board!
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Hello and welcome!!!

You have beautiful kitties!!!
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Welcome to TCS to you and you 3 kitties. They're beautiful.

And a big thank you for taking in Leo and Lisa.
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Hi and welcome!
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Hello and welcome to you and your babies, their sweet
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Hello and welcome to TCS
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Welcome to you and your beautiful cats A big head bonk from Amber to you, for rescuing those babies
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Welcome to TCS,Iceland wow... do you ever get warm days? Or is it cold ????
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Iceland isn't really ice aye?

Welcome aboard TCS. Your kitties are gorgeous.
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Hi Bombshell and welcome to the site. Your babies are beautiful
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You have VERY cute furbabies...Welcome yo TCS!!!!
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