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Cat Poos in Kitchen

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Hello everyone,
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Can anybody HELP me with a very big problem?

An Irishman here who is almost run to distraction by my beautiful little 5 year old male Persion "Casper".
Casper has recently taken to Pooing on my kitchen floor & he is driving me crazy. The kitchen floor is a clean tyled surface. He has his own cat-flap in the kitchen back door to go out to the back garden where he used to do his business.

After every pooing, I bring him over to his poo on the floor, I make him smell it & I him him a little slap on his nose with a peice of paper.
But the next day he will have pooed on the kitchen floor again.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Does anyone know how to deal with this terrible problem?
I thank you in advance for your kind advice & I very much look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards from Ireland,
Enver Kola - enver@eircom.net
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Please do not discipline your cat as if it is a dog. Sticking his nose in his business and slapping him is not going to solve anything, except to perhaps make the cat fearful of you or aggressive. First and foremost, take this cat to the vet to be sure there is not a health problem brewing. Most of the time when a cat misses the box to go on smooth tile, there is a health issue.

Once the cat has been health checked read this thread:

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Please stop this!!!! Your cat will never learn this way. Please read the threads advised. Maybe a cat litter placed in the kitchen for a while will help. I also agree - take you cat to the vet just for a check up.
BTW welcome to the cat site.
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It might be that something outside has scared him, maybe while doing his business, and he just can't bring himself to do it outside. A feral cat attacked my cat while he was doing his business outside so he started using the litterbox before he went out. If you don't already have one, you may have to set up a litterbox. I went outside with him for a couple of days and walked around for a while and he went back to using the great outdoors. But, I knew he had been attacked at a vunerable moment so it was easy to figure out his change in behavior. If you have a litterbox and he isn't using it or the outdoors, then my cat's experience doesn't apply.
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